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  • Unwound
  • Leaves Turn Inside You
  • 04/17/01
  • KRS369
  • Unwound
  • Challenge for a Civilized Soci
  • 01/13/98
  • KRS289
  • Unwound
  • The Light at the End of the Tu
  • 12/09/97
  • KRS288
  • Unwound
  • Corpse Pose b/w Everything is
  • 03/11/96
  • KRS262
  • Unwound
  • MK Ultra b/w Totality
  • 03/21/94
  • KRS225
  • Unwound
  • Kandy Korn Rituals + 2
  • 01/01/93
  • KRS205

ABOUT Unwound

Unwound was a United States post-hardcore band based in Tumwater/Olympia, Washington. Formed in 1991, the band consisted of Justin Trosper (vocals, guitar, songwriting), Vern Rumsey (bass), and Brandt Sandeno (drums), all of whom had previously been in a band called Giant Henry. Brandt Sandeno quit Unwound in 1992 and was replaced by Sara Lund. This line-up would remain in place until the band's dissolution in 2002. The group was strongly associated with the label Kill Rock Stars throughout the 1990s. Unwound was sharply dissonant and angular, often resorting to unusual guitar tones, and associated with post-hardcore and noise rock. The band toured frequently, preferring "all ages" clubs. The group spawned numerous side projects.



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  • Justin Trosper
  • Sara Lund
  • Vern Rumsey

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