Ian Karmel 9.2 on Pitchfork KRS600 11/13/15
Emily Heller Good For Her KRS605 11/13/15
Wimps Suitcase krs603 11/13/15
Wimps Super Me KRS604 08/07/15
New Dog Classic Ballroom Dances krs599 06/02/15
Kinski 7 (or 8) krs597 06/02/15


Bratmobile Pottymouth (pink vinyl r... krs208 11/18/14
Esper Scout Belay / Carpet of a Cres... krs598 11/11/14
Horse Feathers So It Is With Us 10/21/14
Cameron Esposito Same Sex Symbol krs592 10/07/14
Horse Feathers KRS Archives Vol. 1 (fou... KRS591 04/22/14
Heavens to Betsy Calculated (Record Store... 04/19/14
Hari Kondabolu Waiting for 2042 krs587 03/11/14
Milagres Violent Light krs588 02/25/14


Survival Knife Divine Mob / Snakebit KRS571 10/15/13
Quasi Mole City KRS584 10/01/13
Kurt Braunohler How Do I Land? krs574 07/08/13
Hands Synesthesia krs570 04/30/13
Elliott Smith Alternate Versions from... krs569 04/20/13
Various Artists Kill Rock Stars: The Com... krs573 04/20/13
Kinski Cosy Moments krs572 04/02/13
Stereo Total Cactus Versus Brezel krs579 04/02/13
Marnie Stern The Chronicles Of Marnia krs566 03/19/13
Boats A Fairway Full Of Miners krs563 02/05/13


The Corin Tucker Band Kill My Blues krs560 09/18/12
Elliott Smith Elliott Smith (180 gram... krs246 08/07/12
Elliott Smith Either/Or (180 gram viny... krs269 08/07/12
Horse Feathers Cynic's New Year KRS559 04/17/12


Gospel Music How To Get To Heaven Fro... KRS557 10/25/11
Milagres Glowing Mouth KRS553 09/13/11
Forbidden Friends Totally Low KRS554 07/11/11
Various Artists 20 Years of Kill Rock St... KRS558 07/01/11
The Thermals Never Listen to Me (Maxi... KRS556 06/28/11
Thao & Mirah Thao & Mirah KRS538 04/26/11
Forbidden Friends Tiny Hands KRS544 03/15/11
Boats Cannonballs, Cannonballs KRS548 03/01/11
The Thermals Not Like Any Other Feeli... KRS540 02/15/11
Explode Into Colors Quilts KRS551 02/08/11
Portland Cello Project The Kanye West and Rihan... KRS550 02/03/11


Gospel Music Duettes KRS547 11/30/10
Erase Errata Damaged b/w Ouija Boardi... KRS537 11/02/10
Horse Feathers Drain You KRS542 11/02/10
Elliott Smith An Introduction to Ellio... KRS541 11/02/10
The Thermals Never Listen to Me KRS539 10/21/10
Marnie Stern Marnie Stern KRS516 10/05/10
The Corin Tucker Band 1,000 Years KRS520 10/05/10
STLS Drumcore KRS536 09/07/10
The Thermals Personal Life KRS519 09/07/10
Grass Widow Past Time KRS533 08/24/10
The Thermals I Don't Believe You KRS535 08/10/10
Stereo Total Baby Ouh! KRS521 05/04/10
Horse Feathers Thistled Spring KRS518 04/20/10
The Thermals The Thermals / Cribs Spl... KRS527 04/17/10
Deerhoof Green Cosmos KRS528 04/17/10
Deerhoof Apple O' (reissue) KRS398LP 04/17/10
Elliott Smith Roman Candle KRS523 04/06/10
Elliott Smith From A Basement On The H... KRS524 04/06/10
Kleenex/LiLiPUT Live Recordings, TV-Clip... KRS514 03/23/10
Quasi American Gong KRS512 02/23/10
Xiu Xiu Dear God, I Hate Myself KRS503 02/23/10
The Thermals Canada KRS534 02/09/10
Quasi Repulsion + 2 KRS529 01/26/10


Delta 5 Mind Your Own Business KRS517 11/10/09
Horse Feathers Cascades KRS510 10/27/09
The Raincoats The Raincoats KRS515 10/13/09
Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Know Better Learn Faster KRS500 10/13/09
Panther Entropy KRS513 09/29/09
The Shaky Hands Let It Die KRS501 09/29/09
Explode Into Colors Eyes Hands Mouth KRS509 09/01/09
The Thermals We Were Sick KRS511 08/25/09
Portland Cello Project The Thao & Justin Po... KRS508 06/09/09
The pAper chAse Someday This Could All B... KRS502 05/26/09
Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Record Store Day Split KRS507 04/18/09
The Thermals Record Store Day Split KRS507 04/18/09
Stereo Total Anti Love Song KRS506 04/14/09
The Thermals Now We Can See KRS504 04/07/09
The Thermals Now We Can See (Single) KRS505 03/10/09
Deerhoof Live Session EP KRS497 02/03/09


Marnie Stern This Is It and I Am It a... KRS486 10/07/08
Deerhoof Offend Maggie KRS485 10/07/08
The Shaky Hands Lunglight KRS498 09/09/08
Horse Feathers House With No Home KRS495 09/09/08
Jeff Hanson Madam Owl KRS459 08/19/08
Shy Child Noise Won't Stop KRS494 05/06/08
Gossip Live In Liverpool KRS493 05/06/08
New Bloods The Secret Life KRS488 04/08/08
Colin Meloy Colin Meloy Sings Live! KRS468 04/08/08
The Old Haunts Poisonous Times KRS492 04/08/08
Panther 14 KT God KRS490 02/19/08
Thao With the Get Down Stay Down We Brave Bee Stings and... KRS481 01/29/08
Xiu Xiu Women As Lovers KRS484 01/29/08


Various Artists Kill Rock Stars Vinyl Va... KRS412 10/09/07
Deerhoof Matchbook Seeks Maniac KRS491 09/11/07
Stereo Total Paris Berlin KRS483 08/21/07
Numbers Now You Are This KRS461 08/21/07
Various Artists Kill Rock Stars Vinyl Va... KRS374 07/10/07
They Shoot Horses Don't They? Pick Up Sticks KRS460 06/05/07
Elliott Smith New Moon KRS455 05/08/07
The Mary Timony Band The Shapes We Make KRS469 05/08/07
Xiu Xiu Remixed & Covered GER077 04/10/07
The Decemberists The Decemberists: A Prac... KRS434 03/20/07
Marnie Stern In Advance Of The Broken... KRS446 02/20/07
BARR Summary GER065 02/20/07
Deerhoof Friend Opportunity KRS472 / GER078 01/23/07
Macromantics Moments In Movement KRS411 01/23/07


Various Artists Kill Rock Stars Winter H... KRS470 11/21/06
The Punks Unanimous Bangers GER076 11/07/06
Bitch Make This / Break This KRS478 10/10/06
Xiu Xiu The Air Force GER063 09/12/06
Two Ton Boa Parasiticide KRS450 09/12/06
Hella Acoustics GER074 09/12/06
Slumber Party Musik KRS458 09/12/06
Gossip RMX KRS473 08/22/06
Wooden Wand Second Attention KRS456 08/22/06
Knife Skills Disco Apocalypso GER071 08/22/06
Inca Ore The Birds In The Bushes GER072 08/22/06
Harvey Danger Little By Little... KRS471 07/25/06
Mika Miko C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. KRS467 07/25/06
Erase Errata Night Life KRS464 07/25/06
Excepter Alternation GER047 07/25/06
Amps For Christ Every Eleven Seconds GER068 06/06/06
The Robot Ate Me Good World GER060 06/06/06
The pAper chAse Now You Are One Of Us KRS445 06/06/06
Zach Hill & Mick Barr Shred Earthship GER069 05/09/06
The Everyothers Pink Sticky Lies KRS442 05/09/06
The Old Haunts Fuel On Fire KRS457 05/09/06
Wooden Wand Harem Of The Sundrum... GER057 05/09/06
Various Artists The Sound The Hare Heard KRS449 05/09/06
Mecca Normal The Observer KRS453 04/11/06
The Mae Shi Lock The Skull, Load The... GER059 04/11/06
Imaad Wasif Imaad Wasif KRS454 04/11/06
Various Artists Sur La Mer Samp-Le-Mer GER054 04/11/06
Stereo Total My Melody KRS451 03/21/06
Br. Danielson When It Comes to You I... KRS463 03/21/06
The Seconds Kratitude GER058 03/21/06
Shoplifting Body Stories KRS407 03/21/06
Stereo Total Juke Box Alarm KRS452 03/21/06
Anna Oxygen This Is An Exercise KRS432 02/21/06
They Shoot Horses Don't They? Boo Hoo Hoo Boo KRS462 02/21/06
Wooden Wand Gipsy Freedom GER053 02/21/06
Excepter Sunbomber GER035 01/24/06
Gossip Standing In The Way Of C... KRS422 01/24/06
Laura Veirs Year Of Meteors KRS447 01/24/06
Katie Eastburn Starter Set KRS427 01/24/06
Tarkio Omnibus KRS435 01/24/06
Delta 5 Singles & Sessions 1... KRS415 01/24/06
The Advantage Elf-Titled GER050 01/24/06
Various Artists Otis' Opuses KRS358 01/24/06


Hella Concentration Face / Hom... GER044 11/08/05
The No-Neck Blues Band Qvaris GER052 11/08/05
Numbers This Seven Inch KRS440 11/08/05
Harvey Danger Cream and Bastards Rise KRS441/KRS448 11/08/05
Die Monitr Batsss Clean Up b/w Monster Kla... GER037 11/08/05
ADULT This Seven Inch KRS440 11/08/05
Les Georges Leningrad Clean Up b/w Monster Kla... GER037 11/08/05
Comet Gain City Fallen Leaves KRS439 11/08/05
Men's Recovery Project The Very Best Of GER026 10/11/05
Gossip Standing In The Way Of C... KRS438 10/11/05
BARR Beyond Reinforced Jewel... GER046 10/11/05
Deerhoof The Runners Four KRS429/GER048 10/11/05
Linda Perry In Flight KRS437 10/11/05
Wooden Wand Buck Dharma GER051 09/13/05
Numbers We're Animals KRS426 09/13/05
The Makers Everybody Rise! KRS428 08/23/05
Devendra Banhart Support Our Troops Oh! GER038 08/23/05
Xiu Xiu The Body Breaks GER038 08/23/05
Numbers Solid Pleasure b/w No Af... KRS433 08/23/05
John Wilkes Booze Telescopic Eyes Glance T... KRS430 08/23/05
Anna Oxygen Meet Jennifer b/w Syncop... KRS436 08/23/05
Gravy Train!!!! Are You Wigglin'? KRS414 07/12/05
Metalux Victim Of Space GER040 07/12/05
Xiu Xiu La Forêt GER045 07/12/05
The Decemberists The Tain KRS372 07/12/05
Charm (movie) A Film By Sadie Shaw... GER023 07/12/05
Various Artists Video Fanzine #3 KRS400 07/12/05
need new body Where's Black Ben? GER041 06/07/05
The Mae Shi Heartbeeps GER049 06/07/05
The Planet The You Absorb My Vision GER039 06/07/05
The Robot Ate Me Carousel Waltz GER043 05/10/05
The Punks Thank You For The Altern... GER035 05/10/05
The Old Haunts Fallow Field KRS431 04/12/05
The Robot Ate Me On Vacation GER042 03/22/05
The Decemberists Picaresque KRS245 03/22/05
Jeff Hanson Jeff Hanson KRS405 02/22/05
Nedelle From The Lion's Mou... KRS424 02/22/05
Stereo Total Do The Bambi KRS409 01/25/05


Two Ton Boa Serenade For The Crow Th... KRS396 11/23/04
The Makers Stripped KRS423 11/23/04
Wrangler Brutes Zulu KRS418 10/12/04
Gold Chains & Sue Cie When The World Was Our F... KRS420 10/12/04
Deerhoof Bibidi Babidi Boo 10/03/04
The Decemberists Billy Liar KRS419 09/14/04
Shoplifting Shoplifting KRS417 09/14/04
Nedelle & Thom Summerland KRS421 07/27/04
Shoplifting Hegemony Enemy b/w Talk... KRS416 07/27/04
The Mae Shi Terrorbird GER034 07/27/04
Gravy Train!!!! Ghost Boobs KRS413 07/27/04
The pAper chAse God Bless Your Black Hea... KRS410 06/08/04
The Advantage The Advantage GER028 04/06/04
Various Artists Tracks and Fields KRS401 04/06/04
John Wilkes Booze Five Pillars of Soul KRS408 04/06/04
Deerhoof Milk Man KRS406 03/09/04
Xiu Xiu Fabulous Muscles GER031 02/17/04
Amps For Christ The People At Large GER032 02/17/04
Hella The Devil Isn't Red GER027 01/20/04


Stereo Total Monokini KRS402 11/04/03
Stereo Total Oh Ah KRS403 11/04/03
Nervous Cop Nervous Cop GER029 11/04/03
Slumber Party 3 KRS386 09/09/03
Semiautomatic Wolfcentric GER030 09/09/03
The Decemberists Her Majesty The December... KRS375 09/09/03
Various Artists Night School Vol. 1 KRS393 06/03/03
Essential Logic Fanfare In The Garden KRS399 06/03/03
The Decemberists Castaways and Cutouts KRS397 05/06/03
Gossip Movement KRS391 05/06/03
Gravy Train!!!! Hello Doctor KRS389 03/18/03
Deerhoof Apple O' KRS398 03/18/03
Born Against 9 Patriotic Hymns for Ch... KRS394 02/18/03
Xiu Xiu A Promise GER024 02/18/03
Owl & The Pussycat Owl & The Pussycat KRS390 02/18/03
Born Against The Rebel Sound of Shit... KRS395 02/18/03
Jeff Hanson Son KRS388 01/21/03
Various Artists Mollie's Mix KRS382 01/21/03


Stereo Total Musique Automatique KRS392 10/08/02
Hella Falam Dynasty b/w It... GER022 09/10/02
Bangs Call + Response KRS379 09/10/02
Mecca Normal The Family Swan KRS385 08/20/02
Sleater-Kinney One Beat KRS387 08/20/02
Quix*o*tic Mortal Mirror KRS381 07/09/02
Deerhoof Reveille KRS380/GER017 06/04/02
Young People Young People GER021 06/04/02
Various Artists If The Twenty-First Cent... GER020 06/04/02
Various Artists Fields and Streams KRS341 05/07/02
Gossip Arkansas Heat KRS384 05/07/02
Semiautomatic Resident Genius GER019 04/09/02
Hella Hold Your Horse Is GER018 03/19/02
Comet Gain Réalistes KRS378 03/19/02
Xiu Xiu Knife Play GER016 02/19/02


The Seconds Y GER015 10/30/01
Slumber Party Psychedelicate KRS377 08/31/01
Tight Bro's From Way Back When Lend You A Hand KRS370 08/14/01
The Lies Resigned KRS376 05/15/01
Charm (movie) Soundtrack GER014 05/14/01
Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You KRS369 04/17/01
Godzik Pink Black Broccoli GER013 04/03/01
C Average Second Rekoning KRS371 03/20/01
Kleenex/LiLiPUT LiLiPUT KRS373 02/20/01
Various Artists Turbo's Tunes KRS319 01/23/01
Gossip That's Not What I H... KRS368 01/23/01
XBXRX Gop Ist Minee GER012 01/16/01


Various Artists Video Fanzine #2 KRS300 10/03/00
Jim Carroll Runaway KRS367 10/03/00
Schema Schema GER011 10/03/00
Thrones Sperm Whale / White Rabb... KRS283 09/19/00
Slumber Party Slumber Party KRS363 08/29/00
Witchypoo Public Works GER010 08/15/00
Godzik Pink Es Em, Ekel Em GER009 08/01/00
Har Mar Superstar Har Mar Superstar KRS365 07/18/00
Sue P. Fox Light Matches, Spark Liv... KRS302 07/18/00
Jean Smith Jean Smith KRS361 06/20/00
Bonfire Madigan Saddle the Bridge KRS357 05/30/00
Breakdowns This Gun Don't Care... KRS359 05/16/00
Bangs Sweet Revenge KRS336 05/16/00
Sleater-Kinney You're No Rock n... KRS364 05/02/00
Out Hud First Single Of The New... GER007 05/02/00
Sleater-Kinney All Hands on the Bad One KRS360 05/02/00
Get Hustle Earth Odyssey GER006 03/28/00
Semiautomatic Semiautomatic GER008 03/14/00
Lois Maffeo & Brendan Canty The Union Themes KRS356 03/14/00
Two Ton Boa Two Ton Boa KRS351 02/29/00
Cadallaca Out West KRS362 02/15/00
Deep Lust Deep Lust KRS353 02/01/00
Various Artists Jackson's Jukebox KRS354 02/01/00
Mary Lou Lord Split KRS350 02/01/00
Sean Na Na Split KRS350 02/01/00
Kathy Acker Redoing Childhood KRS349 01/18/00


Slumber Party Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS334 12/01/99
The Drags Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS331 11/06/99
Thrones White Rabbit KRS280 11/02/99
Black Gang This Is My Prayer KRS352 10/19/99
Corrections Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS332 10/01/99
Comet Gain Tigertown Pictures KRS346 09/28/99
The Lies Underdogs and Infidels KRS347 09/28/99
Ronnie Spector She Talks to Rainbows KRS348 09/14/99
Unwound A Single History KRS345 09/14/99
Bonfire Madigan Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS330 09/01/99
Jason Traeger Mailorder Freaks Singles... KRS333 08/01/99
Deerhoof Holdypaws KRS343 07/13/99
The Lies Mailorder Freaks Singles... KRS329 07/01/99
Retsin Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS328 06/01/99
Replikants Slickaphonics GER005 06/01/99
Danielle Howle Catalog KRS340 05/07/99
Holly Golightly Listen KRS344 05/07/99
Electrolettes Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS325 05/01/99
Mocket Pro-Forma KRS338 04/09/99
Billy Childish Hangman Communication KRS110 04/09/99
57 Waltz Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS327 04/01/99
Tight Bro's From Way Back When Runnin' Through My... KRS339 04/01/99
Various Artists Video Fanzine #1 KRS200 04/01/99
Various Artists Drinking From Puddles: A... KRS318 03/23/99
Prima Donnas Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS326 03/01/99
Sleater-Kinney The Hot Rock KRS321 02/23/99
Bangs Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS324 02/01/99
Peechees LIFE KRS315 01/26/99
Sleater-Kinney Get Up KRS337 01/22/99
Mocket Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS311 01/01/99


The Need Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS314 12/01/98
Long Hind Legs Feb. 4th-14th 1998 KRS316 11/06/98
C Average C Average KRS320 11/06/98
Small Stars Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS313 11/01/98
Sue P. Fox Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS312 10/01/98
OOIOO OOIOO KRS317 09/08/98
Comet Gain Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS323 09/01/98
Sta-Prest Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS310 08/01/98
Bonfire Madigan From The Burnpile KRS299 07/06/98
Quasi Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS309 07/01/98
Lake of Dracula Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS308 06/01/98
Miranda July The Binet-Simon Test KRS296 05/08/98
The Hangovers Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS307 05/01/98
Jad and David Fair 26 Monster Songs for Chi... KRS292 04/17/98
Edwin Torres Holy Kid KRS293 04/01/98
lowercase Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS306 04/01/98
The Hangovers Slow Dirty Tears KRS295 03/24/98
Bangs Tiger Beat KRS294 03/24/98
Red Monkey Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS305 03/01/98
Edwin Torres Rhumba Bomballet b/w Emb... KRS291 02/06/98
C Average Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS304 02/01/98
The John Doe Thing For the Rest of Us KRS290 01/27/98
Unwound Challenge for a Civilize... KRS289 01/13/98
Rock*A*Teens Mailorder Freaks Single... KRS303 01/01/98
Rob Fisk Deerland (Book) GER003 01/01/98


Unwound The Light at the End of... KRS288 12/09/97
Free Kitten Sentimental Education KRS287 10/28/97
Deerhoof The Man, The King, The G... KRS4444/GER002 10/28/97
Replikants This Is Our Message GER001 09/30/97
Free Kitten DJ Spooky's 12... KRS286 09/19/97
Slim Moon Won't You Dance Wit... KRS268 09/19/97
Nicole Panter The Story Lady KRS109 09/05/97
Various Artists Some Songs KRS276 09/05/97
Peechees Games People Play KRS285 08/08/97
Li'l Pit Feelin' Good KRS284 08/08/97
Matrimony Kitty Finger KRS270 07/25/97
wnico Bon Voyage KRS282 07/25/97
Miranda July Ten Million Hours A Mile KRS281 07/25/97
Lung Leg Hello Sir KRS259 05/23/97
Refect Refect Future KRS273 05/16/97
Sleater-Kinney Dig Me Out KRS279 04/08/97
Cold Cold Hearts Cold Cold Hearts KRS278 04/08/97
The Great Unraveling The Great Unraveling KRS277 03/01/97
Elliott Smith Either/Or KRS269 02/21/97
Mary Lou Lord Martian Saints KRS264 01/24/97
Long Hind Legs Open Wide (Remix) KRS275 01/24/97
Long Hind Legs Long Hind Legs KRS274 01/24/97
The Need The Need KRS272 01/01/97


Star Pimp Docudrama KRS265 11/08/96
Miranda July Margie Ruskie Stops Time KRS271 11/01/96
The Need Margie Ruskie Stops Time KRS271 11/01/96
Elliott Smith Speed Trials + 2 KRS266 09/23/96
Refect Refect What's Your Defect KRS263 09/23/96
Emily's Sassy Lime Dippity Do-nut KRS267 08/26/96
Dos Justamente Tres KRS256 06/21/96
Cold Cold Hearts Yer So Sweet (Baby Donut... KRS258 05/13/96
Unwound Repetition KRS261 04/09/96
Unwound Corpse Pose b/w Everythi... KRS262 03/11/96
Men's Recovery Project Botanica Mysteria KRS251 02/01/96
Free Kitten Punks Suing Punks KRS257 02/01/96
Peechees Do The Math KRS255 01/19/96
Universal Order of Armageddon Discography KRS224 01/19/96


Emily's Sassy Lime Desperate, Scared, But S... KRS254 11/10/95
Emily XYZ Jimmy Page Loves Lori Ma... KRS108 11/10/95
Witchypoo Everybody Looks Good in... KRS244 10/01/95
Fitz of Depression Seemingly Vague b/w Too... KRS252 10/01/95
Pussycat Trash Amore KRS249 08/14/95
Elliott Smith Elliott Smith KRS246 07/21/95
Third Sex Mombies KRS248 06/23/95
Witchypoo Mixed Metaphor KRS220 05/01/95
Delta '72 On the Rocks + 2 KRS247 05/01/95
Excuse 17 Such Friends Are Dangero... KRS237 04/24/95
Unwound The Future of What KRS245 04/24/95
Thrones The Suckling b/w Young S... KRS241 04/10/95
Deerhoof Return of the Wood M... KRS243 03/01/95
godheadSilo Elephantitus of the Nigh... KRS242 02/01/95
Free Kitten Nice Ass KRS240 01/23/95
Elliott Smith Needle In The Hay KRS239 01/09/95
Various Artists A Slice of Lemon KRS100 01/09/95
Mary Lou Lord Mary Lou Lord KRS238 01/09/95


Huggy Bear Weaponry Listens To Love KRS236 12/01/94
Blood On The Saddle Blood On The Saddle KRS235 10/12/94
Various Artists Rock Stars Kill KRS221 09/01/94
Juliana Luecking Big Broad KRS228 09/01/94
Mukilteo Fairies Special Rites KRS229 08/01/94
Peechees Cup of Glory KRS231 08/01/94
Starpower Stargirl b/w Treefort KRS232 07/01/94
Team Dresch Hand Grenade + 2 KRS227 05/01/94
Universal Order of Armageddon The Switch Is Down KRS224 05/01/94
Exene Cervenka Exene Cervenka KRS107 05/01/94
godheadSilo The Scientific Supercake KRS226 04/11/94
Unwound New Plastic Ideas KRS223 03/21/94
Heavens to Betsy Calculated KRS222 03/21/94
Unwound MK Ultra b/w Totality KRS225 03/21/94
Bratmobile The Real Janelle KRS219 01/18/94


Tattletale Tattletale KRS301 12/01/93
KARP I'm Done b/w Blublu... KRS216 11/01/93
Mary Lou Lord Some Jingle Jangle Morni... KRS217 10/26/93
Peter Plate History Comes Around Lik... KRS106 10/05/93
Cupid Car Club Join Our Club KRS215 09/01/93
Huggy Bear Taking The Rough With Th... KRS214 09/01/93
godheadSilo Thee Friendship Village KRS211 07/07/93
Unwound Fake Train KRS210 07/07/93
Bratmobile Pottymouth KRS208 06/08/93
Heavens to Betsy These Monsters Are Real KRS209 05/01/93
Juliana Luecking She's Good People KRS105 05/01/93
Various Artists Stars Kill Rock KRS207 04/01/93
Huggy Bear Our Troubled Youth KRS206 03/01/93
Unwound Kandy Korn Rituals + 2 KRS205 01/01/93


Penny Arcade A Cunt is a Useful Thing KRS104 12/01/92
Jean Smith Carboni Angel KRS103 06/15/92
Unwound Caterpillar + 2 KRS203 01/01/92


Various Artists Kill Rock Stars KRS201 08/01/91
Stacey Levine Sweethearts KRS102 06/21/91
Peter Toliver Wad / Load KRS102 06/21/91
Slim Moon Mean KRS101 06/14/91
Kathleen Hanna Rock Star KRS101 06/14/91
Witchypoo Groaning Machine + 2 KRS202 05/01/91