When people talk about “making it” in the music industry, it’s usually in reference to making a living writing or playing original songs in a popular band or as a solo artist. Today we explore alternative career paths playing music.

Chris Huff (Musician)
Sarah Shannon (The Not-Its)
Danny Adamson (The Not-Its)
Phil Hernandez (The Elegant Too)
Chris Maxwell (The Elegant Too)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #69: Alternative Paths To Music Careers

From Prince to Sharon Jones, too many musicians have passed away in the last year. What will happen to their music, and who will control their legacies? These losses remind us that, while difficult, planning for the inevitable is vital as a musician of any level.

Andy Mayoras (Attorney)
Conrad Rippy (Attorney)
Larry Crane (Jackpot! Recording Studio, Tape Op Magazine)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #68: Looking After Your Legacy

Over the last decade, the music industry has become increasingly difficult to navigate — especially for emerging artists. As the Internet has developed, it’s introduced a slew of new issues for creators, but has also provided valuable tools.

Molly Neuman (Kickstarter)
Jack Stratton (Vulfpeck)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #67: Spotlight on Crowdfunding

A presidency doesn’t usually hold so many unknowns for the music community, but the election of Donald Trump will affect a range of issues important to musicians and music industry professionals. On this episode of The Future of What, we have a frank discussion about how Trump’s presidency could influence issues like healthcare, net neutrality, free expression and more.

Kevin Erickson (The Future of Music Coalition)
Jon Coombs (Secretly Group)
Jana Hunter (Lower Dens)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #65: What Trump’s Presidency Means for Music

Last year, we released 37 episodes on a wide variety of topics in music. From rights to royalties, we covered subjects important to artists and those who support them. On this episode, we look back at the major issues we reported on in 2016 and those who they impacted most.

Melissa Ferrick (Musician)
Richard Burgess (A2IM)
David Israelite (NMPA)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #64: 2016’s Impact on the Music Industry