As long as there’s been music, there’s been music criticism. Like many professions, music review has been indelibly changed by the Internet. For a while, a numerical rating on Pitchfork could make or break a band, and lead to a sold out album. Blogs and social media emerged, and suddenly, truly everyone was a critic.

Greg Kot (Sound Opinions)
Jim DeRogatis (Sound Opinions)
Julianne Escobedo Shepherd (Jezebel)
Bob Ham (Paste)
Ben Ratliff (New York Times)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #72: The Current State of Music Criticism

Podcasts have surged in popularity over the last few years, and have proved to be a great way to connect with your audience — so why don’t more musicians take advantage of the format?

Hrishikesh Hirway (Song Exploder)
Shane Told (Lead Singer Syndrome, Silverstein)
Joe Pug (The Working Songwriter)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #71: Musicians Who Podcast

Like many creative cities, Portland is growing rapidly, but is the vibrant music scene that bolstered its reputation benefiting? The city is known as one of the nation’s hottest music spots, so how can we make sure that its beloved music industry thrives as Portland changes?

Larry Crane (Tape Op, Jackpot! Recording Studio)
Terry Currier (Music Millenium)
Pat Rice (Old Town Music)
Sierra Haager (Public Display PR, bed.)
Andre Middleton (Friends of Noise)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #70: Live From Secret Society w/ Old Town Music, Music Millennium, Larry Crane, Friends of Noise & Public Display PR

When people talk about “making it” in the music industry, it’s usually in reference to making a living writing or playing original songs in a popular band or as a solo artist. Today we explore alternative career paths playing music.

Chris Huff (Musician)
Sarah Shannon (The Not-Its)
Danny Adamson (The Not-Its)
Phil Hernandez (The Elegant Too)
Chris Maxwell (The Elegant Too)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #69: Alternative Paths To Music Careers

From Prince to Sharon Jones, too many musicians have passed away in the last year. What will happen to their music, and who will control their legacies? These losses remind us that, while difficult, planning for the inevitable is vital as a musician of any level.

Andy Mayoras (Attorney)
Conrad Rippy (Attorney)
Larry Crane (Jackpot! Recording Studio, Tape Op Magazine)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #68: Looking After Your Legacy

Over the last decade, the music industry has become increasingly difficult to navigate — especially for emerging artists. As the Internet has developed, it’s introduced a slew of new issues for creators, but has also provided valuable tools.

Molly Neuman (Kickstarter)
Jack Stratton (Vulfpeck)

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