Since talking with Portland’s new record pressing plant, Cascade, in 2015, more and more vinyl pressing plants have opened up. New manufacturers can mean more opportunities for small labels, job creation and better quality products and customer service, and we talk to three new plants to get lowdown.

Ben Blackwell (Third Man Records)
Cash Carter (Kindercore Vinyl)
Ryan Lewis (Kindercore Vinyl)
Sean Rutkowski (Independent Record Pressing)

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On this episode we spotlight two people making change in the music industry. You might know Meredith Graves from her band Perfect Pussy, or from her work as a full time MTV News host. We also hear from musician Simon Tam about his groundbreaking Supreme Court case dealing with the trademark of his band’s name, The Slants.

Meredith Graves (Perfect Pussy)
Simon Tam (The Slants)

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Music supervisors aren’t just responsible for picking great songs for movies, TV shows, ads and video games, they also have to be savvy negotiators and know the ins and outs of music licensing. So how does someone become a music supervisor? And how can artists better connect with music supervisors when the opportunity arises?

Jen Malone (Atlanta, Baskets)
Sue Jacobs (Big Little Lies, Silver Linings Playbook)
Bryan Turcotte (Beta Petrol)

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People have been declaring the end of radio for years, yet stations continue to pop up and even thrive today. While many stations have been swept up by corporations, community and college low-power FM and internet stations still serve their communities.

Zelos Marchandt (KBOO)
Rebecca Webb (Portland Radio Project)
Aaron Hall (XRAY)
Laura Ragsdale (Distiller Promo / KFFP)
Jordan Rasmussen (KPSU)

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With more and more music flooding the internet, artists, labels, and entrepreneurs are looking for new ways to engage fans. Many are looking to subscription models as a way to provide listeners with a unique, niche experience that also keeps the lights on.

Jack Conte (Patreon)
Matthew Fiedler (Vinyl Me, Please)
Kevin Duquette (Topshelf Records)
Karl Hofstetter (Joyful Noise Recordings)

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