What does it mean when an artist or label calls itself independent? Are there written definitions of “independence” in the recording industry? And, if so, who wrote them? And, why does it even matter?

Matthew Rogers (UNFD/WIN Council Member)
Sebastian Chase (MGM)
Chris Maund (Mushroom Group of Labels)
Merida Sussex (Stolen Recordings)
Guy Blackman (Chapter Music)
Richard Burgess (A2IM)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #90: Understanding “Independence”

The music industry has recently seen its largest sales increase since the days of Napster. Streaming, while still in its infancy has shown that making a fraction of a penny from a lot of listeners could be a long term sustainable model for many. Will streaming sustain the industry and the artists that keep them all employed?

Alex Maiola (Journalist)
Jason Taylor (Redeye Distribution)
Martin Anderson (Middle West Management)
Rich Dejong (SoundExchange)
Shane Nolan (Shawn Nolan Law)
Wilson Fuller (Merge Records)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #89: The Evolution of Streaming

Last year, we went to Oregon’s Pickathon music festival and caught up with some promising acts in Pickathon’s interview video series. With this year’s festival around the corner, we bring you extended interviews with some of our favorite artists. Watch the full interview series on YouTube and stay tuned for more from this year’s Pickathon.

Open Mike Eagle (Musician)
Ellen Kempner (Palehound)
Thao Nguyen (Musician)
Shana Cleveland (La Luz)
Marian Li Pino (La Luz)
Alice Sandahl (La Luz)
Lena Simon (La Luz)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #88: Live From Pickathon 2016

The music industry is constantly changing, so today we shine a light on a few important topics developing in the business, particularly the YouTube “adpocalypse,” SoundExchange’s acquirement of the CMRRA (Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency), and the ongoing battle with the Fair Play, Fair Pay Act.

Gray Gannaway (Quarterlab)
Mike Huppe (SoundExchange)
Daryl Friedman (The Recording Academy)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #87: Industry Update

In the early 90’s, Chapel Hill was dubbed “the next Seattle” after producing acts that got noticed beyond its state lines. Twenty-five years later, a lot has changed in the local and national music landscape but the core ingredients that comprise any music scene remain the same: venues, record stores, press, and radio.

Chaz Martenstein (Bull City Records)
Mark Connor (Cave/Slims)
Allison Hussey (Indy Week)
Sarah Schmader (Burn Sweet Booking)
Aaron VanSteinberg (WXDU)
Stephen Mooneyhan (Local 506)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #86: Local Music Spotlight: The Triangle

A lot of money is spent in the music industry developing new tools and platforms, but today we spotlight a nonprofit committed to providing artists with educational and professional resources — all for free. In 2008, CASH Music started out of a desire to create a sustainable music industry. Since then, the platform has offered everything from download code generation and redemption to social feeds.

Maggie Vail (CASH Music)
Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses)

Listen To This EpisodeEpisode #85: Spotlight on CASH Music