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Tamar Aphek is one of the prominent faces of contemporary rock in the Israeli rock scene, and has been crowned “Israel’s guitar goddess” (Timeout Tel-Aviv). In 2014, Tamar made a leap forward with her solo EP “Collision”, which showed her great power not only as a shredder but as a talented songwriter. She received accolades for her score of the drama comedy “One week and a day”, which won the Gan foundation award at Cannes film festival. The film was officially distributed by Oscilloscope Laboratories film company, Sophie Dulac distribution, and a Korean distribution company.

Tamar is akin to artists that shatter expectations – balancing elegance and brutality, ferocious guitar sound and sweet melodies. These forces resound through Tamar and her band’s live performances, which are infused by jazz and global musical rhythms. She has now resurfaced with a new project called after her own name, teaming up with Bass player Or Dromi and drummer David Gorensteyn. Tamar names her style “Jazz & Roll” – “I feel that in this period of time, while people eulogize rock’n’roll and compare it to its lost brother “the jazz” there’s a place to stop the erosion in these two genres”. Since then and now, Aphek played a couple of significant tours in Europe and in the U.S, shared the stage with artist such as M.Ward, Deerhof, The Editors and participated in festivals such as SXSW, Treefort festival, CMJ, Fusion Festival, Dreamgaze Festival, Barreiro Festival, Dunjam Festival and more.

All Bets Are Off
All Bets Are Off
All Bets Are Off
All Bets Are Off
All Bets Are Off

All Bets Are Off

For Tamar Aphek, the freedom to improvise was essential to creating the incredible ups-and-downs expressed on her solo debut, All Bets Are Off. From the machine-gun percussiveness of “Crossbow”, to the creeping desolation of “Russian Winter”, to the intimate insights of “All I Know”, the album delights in twists and turns. Commenting on jealousy and surveillance, love and compassion, anger and escape, and countless more challenges unrevealed, it’s no wonder Aphek hoped to capture “the feeling of a rollercoaster.”

1. Russian Winter
2. Show Me Your Pretty Side
3. All I Know
4. Drive
5. Too Much Information

6. Crossbow
7. Beautiful Confusion
8. Nothing Can Surprise Me
9. As Time Goes By

Cat. No. KRS683
Release date: January 29th, 2021

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