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Upcoming Tour Dates

Tour Date City State/Prov
08/14 The Decemberists Brooklyn NY [info]
08/21 Horse Feathers Omaha NE [info]
08/22 Horse Feathers St. Louis MO [info]
08/24 Wimps Spokane WA [info]
08/24 Horse Feathers Indianapolis IN [info]
08/31 Wimps Seattle WA [info]
09/01 Lithics Paris FR [info]
09/01 Wimps Seattle WA [info]
09/02 Lithics Utrecht NL [info]
09/02 Wimps Seattle WA [info]
09/03 Lithics Brussels BE [info]
09/04 Lithics Rotterdam NL [info]
09/05 Lithics Brighton UK [info]
09/05 Thao Milwaukee WI [info]
09/06 Lithics Bristol UK [info]
09/06 Thao St. Paul MN [info]
09/07 Lithics London UK [info]
09/07 Thao Des Moines IA [info]
09/08 Lithics Manchester UK [info]
09/08 Thao Lincoln NE [info]
09/09 Lithics Glasgow UK [info]
09/09 Thao Tulsa OK [info]
09/10 Lithics Oxford UK [info]
09/11 Lithics Antwerpen BE [info]
09/11 Thao New Orleans LA [info]
09/12 Lithics Tournai BE [info]
09/12 Summer Cannibals Tustin CA [info]
09/12 Thao Birmingham AL [info]
09/13 Lithics Schorndorf DE [info]
09/13 Thao Atlanta GA [info]
09/14 Lithics Köln DE [info]
09/14 Summer Cannibals Los Angeles CA [info]
09/14 Thao Chapel Hill NC [info]
09/14 Hari Kondabolu Bernalillo NM [info]
09/14 Hari Kondabolu Bernalillo NM [info]
09/15 Lithics Strasbourg FR [info]
09/15 Summer Cannibals San Francisco CA [info]
09/15 W Kamau Bell Portland OR [info]
09/15 Thao Charlottesville VA [info]
09/15 Hari Kondabolu Bernalillo NM [info]
09/15 Hari Kondabolu Bernalillo NM [info]
09/16 Lithics Lyon FR [info]
09/16 The Decemberists Ottawa ON [info]
09/17 Lithics Genève CH [info]
09/17 Thao Harrisburg PA [info]
09/18 Summer Cannibals Boise ID [info]
09/19 Lithics Würzburg DE [info]
09/19 Summer Cannibals Spokane WA [info]
09/19 Horse Feathers Luxembourg City Luxembourg [info]
09/20 Lithics Leipzig DE [info]
09/20 Summer Cannibals Seattle WA [info]
09/20 Horse Feathers Amsterdam Netherland [info]
09/20 Thao New York NY [info]
09/21 Lithics Berlin DE [info]
09/21 Summer Cannibals Portland OR [info]
09/21 The Decemberists Birmingham AL [info]
09/21 Thao Poughkeepsie NY [info]
09/22 Summer Cannibals Salt Lake City UT [info]
09/22 Summer Cannibals Bend OR [info]
09/22 The Decemberists St. Augustine FL [info]
09/23 Xiu Xiu San Francisco CA [info]
09/23 Horse Feathers Bristol UK [info]
09/23 The Decemberists Orlando FL [info]
09/24 Thao Toronto ON [info]
09/25 Horse Feathers Brighton UK [info]
09/25 The Decemberists Houston TX [info]
09/25 Thao Toronto ON [info]
09/26 Horse Feathers Bethnal Green UK [info]
09/26 W Kamau Bell Shippensburg PA [info]
09/26 The Decemberists New Orleans LA [info]
09/26 Thao Buffalo NY [info]
09/27 Horse Feathers Manchester UK [info]
09/27 Summer Cannibals Denver CO [info]
09/27 The Decemberists Dallas TX [info]
09/27 Thao St. Johnsbury VT [info]
09/28 Horse Feathers Glasgow UK [info]
09/28 Cameron Esposito Chicago IL [info]
09/29 Horse Feathers Leeds UK [info]
09/29 Wimps Moscow ID [info]
09/29 The Decemberists Austin TX [info]
09/29 Cameron Esposito Ann Arbor MI [info]
09/30 Horse Feathers Middlesbrough UK [info]
09/30 The Decemberists Tulsa OK [info]
09/30 Cameron Esposito Louisville KY [info]
10/01 Horse Feathers Leicester UK [info]
10/01 The Decemberists Omaha NE [info]
10/01 Cameron Esposito Bloomington IL [info]
10/02 The Decemberists Madison WI [info]
10/02 Cameron Esposito Cleveland OH [info]
10/02 Cameron Esposito Cleveland OH [info]
10/03 Taiwan Housing Project Washington DC [info]
10/03 Cameron Esposito Pittsburgh PA [info]
10/04 The Decemberists North Adams MA [info]
10/04 Cameron Esposito New Cumberland PA [info]
10/05 Horse Feathers Brooklyn NY [info]
10/05 Dana Gould Norwood MA [info]
10/05 Cameron Esposito Philadelphia PA [info]
10/06 Horse Feathers Providence RI [info]
10/06 Thao Edmonton AB [info]
10/06 Cameron Esposito Boston MA [info]
10/08 The Decemberists Indianapolis IN [info]
10/10 Horse Feathers Burlington VT [info]
10/11 Horse Feathers Portland ME [info]
10/12 Cameron Esposito San Francisco CA [info]
10/13 Horse Feathers Freehold NJ [info]
10/13 Cameron Esposito Portland OR [info]