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Watch previously unreleased live footage of Elliott Smith from 1999

August 08, 2017


July 26, 2017

Taiwan Housing Project tour the USA

July 20, 2017

Upcoming Tour Dates

Tour Date City State/Prov
08/22 Emily Heller Fort Worth TX [info]
08/23 Emily Heller Fort Worth TX [info]
08/24 Hari Kondabolu Philadelphia PA [info]
08/24 Emily Heller Fort Worth TX [info]
08/25 Filthy Friends Eugene OR [info]
08/25 Wimps Eugene OR [info]
08/25 Amy Miller Seattle WA [info]
08/25 Hari Kondabolu Philadelphia PA [info]
08/25 Hari Kondabolu Philadelphia PA [info]
08/25 Emily Heller Fort Worth TX [info]
08/25 Deerhoof Praha CZ [info]
08/26 Filthy Friends Portland OR [info]
08/26 Wimps Portland OR [info]
08/26 Hari Kondabolu Philadelphia PA [info]
08/26 Emily Heller Fort Worth TX [info]
08/26 Deerhoof Storkow DE [info]
08/27 Hari Kondabolu Baltimore MD [info]
08/27 Hari Kondabolu Baltimore MD [info]
08/27 Deerhoof Hamburg DE [info]
08/28 Deerhoof Darmstadt DE [info]
08/29 Filthy Friends San Francisco CA [info]
08/30 Filthy Friends Los Angeles CA [info]
08/30 Amy Miller Cleveland OH [info]
08/30 Deerhoof Nijmegen NL [info]
08/31 Amy Miller Cleveland OH [info]
08/31 Hari Kondabolu Burlington VT [info]
08/31 Deerhoof Opwijk BE [info]
09/01 Filthy Friends Seattle WA [info]
09/01 Amy Miller Cleveland OH [info]
09/01 Hari Kondabolu Burlington VT [info]
09/01 Hari Kondabolu Burlington VT [info]
09/01 C Average Portland OR [info]
09/02 Amy Miller Cleveland OH [info]
09/02 Hari Kondabolu Burlington VT [info]
09/02 Hari Kondabolu Burlington VT [info]
09/02 C Average Olympia WA [info]
09/02 Kinski Seattle WA [info]
09/02 Deerhoof Aarhus DK [info]
09/03 Amy Miller Cleveland OH [info]
09/03 C Average Seattle WA [info]
09/03 Cindy Wilson Cincinnati OH [info]
09/03 Deerhoof Dorset UK [info]
09/04 Cindy Wilson Cincinnati OH [info]
09/04 Deerhoof London UK [info]
09/05 Cindy Wilson Pittsburgh PA [info]
09/05 Deerhoof Ramsgate UK [info]
09/06 Filthy Friends Brooklyn NY [info]
09/06 Cindy Wilson Toronto ONT [info]
09/06 Har Mar Superstar Orlando FL [info]
09/07 Amy Miller New York NY [info]
09/07 Har Mar Superstar Atlanta GA [info]
09/08 Amy Miller New York NY [info]
09/08 Cindy Wilson Syracuse NY [info]
09/09 Taiwan Housing Project Asbury Park NJ [info]
09/09 Amy Miller New York NY [info]
09/09 Xiu Xiu Guadalajara Mexico [info]
09/09 Cindy Wilson Boston MA [info]
09/09 Har Mar Superstar Washington DC [info]
09/10 Amy Miller New York NY [info]
09/10 Xiu Xiu Mexico City Mexico [info]
09/10 Cindy Wilson Brooklyn NY [info]
09/10 Har Mar Superstar Raleigh NC [info]
09/11 Cindy Wilson Brooklyn NY [info]
09/11 Har Mar Superstar Richmond VA [info]
09/12 Har Mar Superstar Philadelphia PA [info]
09/14 Har Mar Superstar Boston MA [info]
09/15 Deerhoof Portland OR [info]
09/16 Har Mar Superstar Brooklyn NY [info]
09/16 Deerhoof Seattle WA [info]
09/17 Deerhoof Bellingham WA [info]
09/18 Har Mar Superstar Montréal QC [info]
09/18 Deerhoof Portland OR [info]
09/19 Har Mar Superstar Toronto ON [info]
09/19 Deerhoof Eugene OR [info]
09/21 Cameron Esposito Seattle WA [info]
09/21 Rhea Butcher Seattle WA [info]
09/21 Har Mar Superstar Minneapolis MN [info]
09/21 Deerhoof San Francisco CA [info]
09/22 Cameron Esposito Portland OR [info]
09/22 Rhea Butcher Portland OR [info]
09/22 Har Mar Superstar Chicago IL [info]
09/22 Deerhoof Los Angeles CA [info]
09/23 Cameron Esposito San Francisco CA [info]
09/23 Rhea Butcher San Francisco CA [info]
09/23 Har Mar Superstar Chicago IL [info]
09/23 Deerhoof Phoenix AZ [info]
09/24 Har Mar Superstar Milwaukee WI [info]
09/24 Deerhoof Albuquerque NM [info]
09/25 Taiwan Housing Project Philadelphia PA [info]
09/25 Rhea Butcher San Diego CA [info]
09/25 Cameron Esposito San Diego CA [info]
09/26 Rhea Butcher Phoenix AZ [info]
09/26 Cameron Esposito Phoenix AZ [info]
09/26 Har Mar Superstar Detroit MI [info]
09/26 Deerhoof Austin TX [info]
09/27 Deerhoof Houston TX [info]
09/28 Rhea Butcher Dallas TX [info]
09/28 Cameron Esposito Dallas TX [info]
09/28 Har Mar Superstar Cincinnati OH [info]
09/28 Deerhoof Dallas TX [info]
09/29 Cameron Esposito Austin TX [info]
09/29 Rhea Butcher Austin TX [info]
09/29 Har Mar Superstar Nashville TN [info]
09/29 Deerhoof Kansas City MO [info]
09/30 Rhea Butcher Houston TX [info]
09/30 Cameron Esposito Houston TX [info]
09/30 Har Mar Superstar Birmingham AL [info]
09/30 Deerhoof St. Louis MO [info]
10/01 Rhea Butcher New Orleans LA [info]
10/01 Cameron Esposito New Orleans LA [info]
10/01 Deerhoof Chicago IL [info]
10/03 Cameron Esposito Atlanta GA [info]
10/03 Rhea Butcher Atlanta GA [info]
10/03 Deerhoof Grand Rapids MI [info]
10/04 Cameron Esposito Carrboro NC [info]
10/04 Rhea Butcher Carrboro NC [info]
10/04 Deerhoof Detroit MI [info]
10/05 Deerhoof Pittsburgh PA [info]
10/06 Rhea Butcher Philadelphia PA [info]
10/06 Cameron Esposito Philadelphia PA [info]
10/06 Kinski Seattle WA [info]
10/06 Deerhoof Ithaca NY [info]
10/07 Cameron Esposito Washington DC [info]
10/07 Rhea Butcher Washington DC [info]
10/07 Kinski Friday Harbor WA [info]
10/07 Deerhoof Brooklyn NY [info]
10/08 Cameron Esposito Brooklyn NY [info]
10/08 Rhea Butcher Brooklyn NY [info]
10/10 Rhea Butcher Cleveland OH [info]
10/10 Cameron Esposito Cleveland OH [info]
10/11 Cameron Esposito Pontiac MI [info]
10/11 Rhea Butcher Pontiac MI [info]
10/12 Har Mar Superstar Solana Beach CA [info]
10/13 Cameron Esposito Minneapolis MN [info]
10/13 Rhea Butcher Minneapolis MN [info]
10/13 Har Mar Superstar Los Angeles CA [info]
10/14 Cameron Esposito Chicago IL [info]
10/14 Rhea Butcher Chicago IL [info]
10/14 Har Mar Superstar San Francisco CA [info]
10/15 Cameron Esposito Madison WI [info]
10/15 Rhea Butcher Madison WI [info]
10/16 Har Mar Superstar Portland OR [info]
10/17 Har Mar Superstar Vancouver BC [info]
10/18 Har Mar Superstar Seattle WA [info]
10/19 Har Mar Superstar Salt Lake City UT [info]
10/21 Har Mar Superstar Englewood CO [info]