30th anniversary covers series tandem

Two tracks are released in tandem today for our 30th anniversary covers series.

Adam Selzer has been producing records for hundreds of artists at his Portland, Oregon studio, Type Foundry Recording, since 1998. He also fronted the band Norfolk & Western (1999-2010) and was a founding member of the band Alialujah Choir (2012-2017). Selzer has also been a mainstay in M. Ward’s touring bands since 2000. He released his first solo album in 2020 and is currently at work on another collection of songs. He joins the label’s celebrations by covering Filthy Friends.

“Come Back Shelley” originally appeared on Filthy Friend’s album, Invitation. Filthy Friends is a group made up of Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney, Heavens To Betsy, Corin Tucker Band), Peter Buck (R.E.M. and Tired Pony), Kurt Block (Fastbacks, The Young Fresh Fellows, The Minus 5), drummer Linda Pitmon (The Baseball Project), & Scott McCaughey (R.E.M., The Young Fresh Fellows, The Minus 5). Previous members are the late Bill Rieflin (R.E.M., Swans, King Crimson, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails), and Krist Novoselic (Nirvana, Sweet 75, Flipper).

Adam says, “When Filthy Friends came into my studio to record this song, it immediately resonated with me. Lyrically, it painted such a clear, honest picture of the loss of innocence. And musically, it had such a timeless, classic feel - I couldn’t quite pinpoint where it was coming from other than that mysterious, magical place where undeniable songs are either found or created (I’m still not sure which). It never occurred to me to attempt a cover of this song but when asked to participate in the 30th anniversary series, this song immediately came to mind as one of my all-time favorite KRS titles, and we all know how many thousands of great ones there are.”

Recorded and performed by Adam Selzer
Mastered by
Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering

James Toth is also known by the alias Wooden Wand. His projects draw on genres that are hard to pigeonhole - experimental folk, free jazz, outlaw country, acid folk.... He’s a player well outside the confines of a genre which makes him an appreciable musician to join the covers series.

“Me and Her” originally appeared on Heavens To Betsy’s These Monsters Are Real. Heavens To Betsy was a duo by Corin Tucker and drummer Tracy Sawyer. This was Tucker’s first project, later forming Sleater-Kinney. This tandem release draws attention to Corin Tucker’s numerous projects.

James says, “Long enough ago that I was still under the impression that K and Kill Rock Stars were the same label, I bought Heavens To Betsy’s These Monsters Are Real 7” single, and I loved it immediately. Ever after, I bought every Kill Rock Stars record I could find. 
I always suspected it slightly embarrassed Slim when, years later, I confessed to him that my musical career peaked when one of my albums was issued with the KRS logo on the back.
“Me and Her” explores the strange duality of the sort of intense personal relationship in which it is possible—maybe even mandatory—to both love and hate a person equally. Structurally speaking, it’s a simple enough song—the lyrics contain no word longer than three syllables, and the bass riff that anchors the song repeats throughout (even during the bridge)—yet it expresses everything. It’s poignant, pure, and powerful; it’s heavier than metal!”

Recorded by James Toth at home, summer 2021

The covers series is titled Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars), consisting of no less than 61 songs. The digital subscription is $20, up until the final Bandcamp Day on December 3rd. After, the price goes to $30. Once purchased, a download alert is received as each new track is released. Purchase it here.