Danielle Howle and Josh Roberts + Corrina Repp + Field Drums

Our #KRS30YRS covers this week are from Danielle Howle and Josh Roberts doing Elliott Smith's "Angel In The Snow," Corrina Repp with her take on Xiu Xiu's "I Luv The Valley OH!" and Field Drums with their take on Cadallaca's "The Trouble With Public Places."

Danielle says: "Hey! I love this song and so does Josh Roberts, the guitarist you hear on this track. Josh recorded it. When I sang it, I saw my younger self, playing under some big trees with Elliott and Josh. In my imagination, we were around 7. Thanks Slim for your song suggestion! Enjoy!"

Corrina says: "There's no one like Jamie. His lyrics, phrasing, vocal style. He couldn't be further from how I sing a song. I've always struggled with cover songs, just wanting to leave well enough alone. I found a way to channel Jamie through my own voice and slow motion dismantling of the song. I hope I did it justice and perhaps put an entirely new emotional veil across this version."

Field Drums say: "Rachel is old friends with all three members of Cadallaca, and has happy memories of various shows with the band, including a somewhat memorable one at the infamous Spare Room in Portland, Oregon. (If she recalls correctly, there was a rare Portland snow storm on this particular eve that made the night extra special.) In any case, as we listened through the Kill Rock Stars library of wondrous bands and songs, we were both smitten with the idea of covering a song from this time in Portland music history, and this garage rock n’ roll number with its’ combo organ and fierce playing ignited poignant memories for us of going to and playing so many basement shows."

  • Caleb Nichols

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Caleb Nichols

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In 2020 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the eponymous Elliott Smith album by inviting artists we admire to record covers of the songs on that album. We had so much fun with that project that we've decided for 2021 to celebrate our 30th anniversary by expanding the idea to encompass the entire Kill Rock Stars release history.

We've got so many amazing artists onboard already, including much of the current KRS roster, along with lots of folks from our extended family and even some new friends! We are so excited to celebrate the music community we've all grown up in, as well as the friends and fans we've made along the way. With that in mind, please welcome Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars)

Elliott Smith - 52 Page Coffee Table Book

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