30th covers: Field Drums cover Cadallaca

Field Drums are a new band from Portland, Oregon featuring Rachel Blumberg on drums, keys, and vocals, and Jeffrey Underhill on guitar & vocals. Rachel has formerly played/toured/recorded with M.Ward, the Decemberists, Norfolk & Western, Mirah, Laura Gibson, Death Vessel, Tara Jane O'Neil, and many others. She currently is a rotating member of Califone and Michael Hurley and The Croakers and makes film and sounds for her solo project Arch Cape. Jeffrey is a founding member of indie pop band Honeybunch and power pop band Velvet Crush, as well as formerly playing and touring with bands such as Magnetic Fields and Death Vessel. 

For the covers series, they cover Cadallaca's "The Trouble With Public Places" 

"Rachel is old friends with all three members of Cadallaca, and has happy memories of various shows with the band, including a somewhat memorable one at the infamous Spare Room in Portland, Oregon. (If she recalls correctly, there was a rare Portland snow storm on this particular eve that made the night extra special.)  In any case, as we listened through the Kill Rock Stars library of wondrous bands and songs,  we were both smitten with the idea of covering a song from this time in Portland music history, and this garage rock n’ roll number with its’ combo organ and  fierce playing ignited poignant memories for us of going to and playing so many basement shows."