30th covers series: Amber Sweeney - Linda Perry

Amber Sweeney is a songwriter, performer, and recording artist. Her original songs have been featured in two of CW’s television series - One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected, as well as in Queen Sugar and Stephen King’s film adaptation of Riding The Bullet, while she was performing with other artists. 

Sweeney has released two EPs, two full-lengths, and multiple singles, one of which topped the UK soul charts at #1.

She covers Linda Perry's "Uninvited".

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Linda Perry is distinguished as the songwriter and vocalist for 4 Non Blondes. Perry's songwriting has charted time and time again, singles recorded by a bountiful list of notable performers. Perry's solo album, In Flight, is one Kill Rock Stars is very proud to have on the shelf. 

Sweeney says, "Kill Rock Stars is one of the only labels I’ve known who care deeply about the artist more than anything else. Having spent time with them behind the scenes, I find myself constantly in awe of the way they support the messages and music the artists want to put into the world. Case in point, the Linda Perry In Flight album. This album is a special piece of art that would have been locked away in an attic, but Slim and KRS believed that it needed a chance to be heard. When I listen to this album I hear the journey of a woman who was living on a rollercoaster of human experience. I hear heartache, questioning, vulnerability, longing, and love. It’s a wonderful piece of art, and I’m so glad it was given a home and a chance to be heard. And I loved giving new life to “Uninvited.”