ANNOUNCING: KILL ROCK STARS NASHVILLE: imprint label + Mya Byrne shares KRSN inaugural single

ANNOUNCING: KILL ROCK STARS NASHVILLE, our new label imprint. KRSN will involve more roots/Americana/country sounds and will explore (and expose!) the verdant underground Nashville music scene. It’s a step into new genres and spaces and Kill Rock Stars Nashville will bring the same values and inclusion that have been the cornerstone of the label’s origin. For the inaugural release, we are proud to share Mya Byrne's latest single, "Autumn Sun".

>>> Rolling Stone premiered the news - read their feature here

On the single, Mya shares, "Written December 3 2018, in Berkeley. That morning at around 10 Pacific, the harshness of the usual late autumn morning light was completely changed - buffered by really tremendous clouds and diffused by some sort of refraction and the first clear air day after weeks of choking wildfire smoke. The cold AM then turned into a pretty afternoon - my housemates and I all said the same sorts of things about how beautiful and different the light had become, so I wrote the beginnings of both verses and the chorus more or less on my iPhone on the porch from 10:30-11, then worked the melody and chords out on the piano after completing the verses that evening before my usual Monday songwriting workshop. I’d actually demo’d this song at home in 2019, and I liked the recording I did, but that was never shared with the band in the studio. Thus, it was a really interesting thing when Ellen Angelico wound up spontaneously playing some lines that were exactly the same as some of the ones I’d composed three years prior!" 


Reaching into the well of Americana influences--from countrypolitan to glam-pop, blues, and ghostly incantations--Mya Byrne combines them into a singular voice and vision. Out and proud, she is a leader for the presence of queer trans women in country / Americana. Her storytelling is rich, powerful, and poetic, with elements of John Prine’s whimsy, Leonard Cohen’s spiritual gravitas, Dylan’s wit, and Lucinda Williams’ aching sensuality. Like a crackling backyard fire outside of a city at dusk, stars on one side of the sky and light pollution on the other, her music is in the pocket of traditional Americana, yet firmly rooted in today.

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