Artist and album announcement - presenting Mightmare, solo project of Sarah Shook (& the Disarmers)

Sarah Shook has announced a new solo project, Mightmare, and will release their debut album Cruel Liars on October 14.

Sonically, there are a few things we got right in the ‘90s: stompy, rage-fueled queer bands; hazy, uber-pedaled guitar; poeticism to be yelled full-chested towards the windshields of our 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) hand vehicles. More generally, there was also a lot we got wrong: conversations on mental health, non-conventional identities, issues of accessibility and opportunity, etc. Mightmare finds a way to roll those sounds we couldn't live without into a response about the issues we couldn't live with, confronting personal habits and rules in the process. Loved for their work in Sarah Shook and the Disarmers, Shook's Cruel Liars brings their crispy clean, country-twanged vocals to the table alongside a furiously urgent need to express themselves independently.

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The album announcement comes with the release of single and video "Saturn Turns". A hand out the window, duffel bag in the back seat, no-call-no-show to work tomorrow type of catharsis wrapped up in Shook’s immaculate vocals. “Saturn Turns” manages to showcase the precise independent production of this project as a whole while maintaining its anthemic surrender into a new sense of freedom. A track to be played while stomping away from a breakup just as much as added to a mixtape for queer family, topless on Riis beach each Sunday.

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