Badlands covers Stereo Total - Tribute to Françoise Cactus

Stereo Total are the Berlin-based, multilingual, colorful electropunk band of dreams.

This release is a tribute to their vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Françoise Cactus, who passed away from breast cancer on February 17th, 2021.

Badlands, a.k.a Catharina Jaunviksna, is a Swedish producer, composer and sound designer. This cover is an electronic, lush blanket.

Recorded, played, sung, mixed & produced by Catharina Jaunviksna.
Additional vocals (boy choir): Niklas Dahre & Joel Metz.


Catharina says,“Françoise was an amazing musician, buzzer & paragon for awesomeness. For me, her and Stereo Total has worked as a reminder of why we (really) share music & what DIY (really) is about. And she never ever stopped, just kept going. So much joy that I'll miss, for sure. Merci pour tout.”

Slim Moon states, "This song was already in the works for our 30th anniversary series, but upon hearing of the death of the wonderful Françoise Cactus, both KRS and Catharina decided to move up the planned release as a tribute to her memory. She was one of the most wonderful people we ever got the pleasure to work with. There was never anybody who better understood the spirit and intent and realization of punk rock. If I had my wish, there would be 100 more Stereo Total albums in the world - she gave us a lot but we still wish for more, because what she gave us reminded us what life is for."