Big Joanie: "Confident Man" single + video out now

Big Joanie's sophomore album, Back Home, is out November 4th via Kill Rock Stars and Daydream Library Series. The third single, "Confident Man", is out now, accompanied by a vibrant animated video made by Rachel Amy Winton


Frontwoman and guitarist Stephanie Philips shares: 

"This song came from a rare Big Joanie jam session when we were messing about with the synths in Margo’s studio. The song was inspired by Jia Tolentino’s book Trick Mirror and an essay in it about scam culture and how everyone’s obsessed with con men and their stories. As the impact of capitalist culture becomes harder to avoid, it feels like many people would rather give in and admire those who work within the system and become the epitome of privileged, confident, white male arrogance. When you’re in that mindset, no one considers rebelling against that and tearing down everything the confident white male represents."

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