Brennan Wedl - "Fake Cowboy"!

OUT NOW on KRS - Brennan Wedl's "Fake Cowboy." With “Fake Cowboy”, Brennan Wedl delivers an if-walls-could-talk expose of a Tuesday night in East Nashville. Honky Tonk Happy Hour at the American Legion Hall takes center stage as Wedl wryly diaries a one-night stand with unvarnished candor.

“Fake Cowboy” can be seen as a microcosm of the sonic universe that Wedl has been building through her most recent single releases. The verses are intricately and patiently picked through as she outlines the scene, but in due course the patience gives way to towering walls of guitar crunch while her voice rides high threatening to breach into crushed distortion at any point. We heard the lilting sweetness on “2 Dollar Pistol”, while “Kudzu” was bruising in its sludgy march forward. “Fake Cowboy” collides both of these worlds.
Photo Credit: Blaire Beamer
Assisted by Theresa Heaney


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