Brian Dunne announces album + shares single and video

We are excited to announce Brian Dunne's new album Loser On The Ropes - dropping April 14 2023. Pre-orders for the limited-edition coral vinyl are available now, along with the official music video for Dunne's new single "Bad Luck" directed by Nick Noyes.

>>> Watch + stream “Bad Luck” + pre-order Loser On The Ropes

Brian Dunne is not your grandma’s antiseptic, pseudo baby boomer singer songwriter. Known for his laugh-to-keep-from-crying, darkly humorous lyrics, Dunne’s work reconfigures the limiting nature of the genre into something less cotton candy young love, more burn down the banks. This DIY (dare we say punk?) ethos, born from a healthy New York cynicism self-conceptualized, funded, and dragged to every willing venue, found an easy home at Kill Rock Stars along the likes of The Decemberists, Jeff Hanson, and Sleater-Kinney. Releasing his fourth album in early 2023, his first on KRS, Dunne is bending the sounds of American rock into masterfully composed, existentially poignant, wildly catchy renderings of being alive.

“It's my belief that, gun to head, everyone kind of feels like a loser. I don't know why. But give a successful soul a few drinks or some bad news, and they'll tell you why they're a fraud or a freak or a failure,” says Brian Dunne regarding the inspiration for the album. Loser on the Ropes was whittled down over the last 3 years from an original collection of almost 200 tracks. It’s a significant sonic departure from his previous works, reading like a Bolan meets hardened Brooklyn bartender love montage in an ill-fated, MTA branded purple Mini Cooper; Jonathan Richman meets Dire Straits production style, sometimes symphonic in its layering, sometimes paired back to something like a bedroom recording. Lyrically, Dunne’s beloved humor and nihilism only barely contains a determinedly romantic perspective on what makes us human.