Caleb Nichols - Ramon - album out now

 "Sometimes gorgeous, sometimes gnarly, both musically and emotionally, Ramon feels like an obvious landmark in Nichols’ discography."

"Ramon is an expansive, expressive, and singular listening experience unto itself."

It's the tragic story of Mean Mr. Mustard as a queer icon.

It's the queering of the Beatles. 

Like a musical multivitamin, Caleb Nichols’ music weaves together the experience of a micro-mushroom-dosed pizza for your gay date night with the magnesium/iron combo of queer comedy and tragedy. A childhood Beatles fascination grows well next to the sounds of the golden state, weaving vivid guitar into operatic commentary veiled in a true California partly-cloudy forecast.  In their newest album, Ramon, Nichols queers a canonical musical figure, using theatrical lyrics to paint vignettes of white rabbit adventures and very real social pressures all within a DIY ethos. "You learn early on that no one is going to do it for you, or that what you are wanting to see or hear doesn’t exist, so you need to do it yourself with your friends." 

Each track is a three to four minute romp inside a specific emotion, playing out theatrical puzzle pieces that build on each others’ sounds. It’s intricate, cathartic work made by and for the people who need it. 

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