Califone - Family Swan - Mecca Normal cover

The eighth track from Kill Rock Stars 30th anniversary covers series - Califone covers Mecca Normal.

Listen where you listen.

Family Swan” originally appeared on Mecca Normal’s 2002 album, The Family Swan (KRS385). 

Mecca Normal is a two-piece band consisting of Jean Smith and David Lester, formed in 1984. From '84 to present day, Mecca Normal have been devoted to both politics and art - prolifically merging the two. 

Tim Rutili - guitars, vocals, cover painting 
Michael Krassner - mix 
Written by Mecca Normal

Tim Rutili of Califone states, “I first saw Mecca Normal with the Go Team and Some Velvet Sidewalk in Chicago many years ago. I had my little mind blown and spent all the money I had on 7inch records at the merch table. That show was one of those experiences that changed the way I looked at music and everything - It was microscopic, personal and massive all at the same time. There is truth and heart, existential frustration and self-acceptance in this music that made me feel like I wasn’t so alone in the world. It made me want to move to the Northwest. I still want to move to the Northwest… Maybe someday. Anyway.. This song is a classic movie that is beautiful, sad, funny and bleak all at the same time. This song is a really good book that breaks your heart with unwanted truth, but you can’t stop reading it and you can’t help but see the good and horrible sides of yourself and everyone you know and love in the world it creates. This song is undeniable humanness. Thank you Mecca Normal. Happy Birthday, KRS.”  

"Califone Add Shimmer to Mecca Normal's "Family Swan" for Kill Rock Stars' 30th Anniversary (KEXP Premiere)"