Chateau Chateau - new single + video

Push Your Luck and try to keep up with decisions made in the past. This energetic indie-rock jam almost outruns itself as fuzzed-out guitars drive the upbeat hook to a place you’ve never seen before. In contrast, Chateau Chateau’s lead singer, Bleu, sings about the lingering consequences of self-medicating a mental illness, “they all know you fucked your whole life up, but they don’t know you’re trying to grow up.” "Push Your Luck" addresses familiar topics for Chateau Chateau such as self-reflection, conflicting inner- vs outer- self, and addiction. Off Chateau Chateau’s first album with Kill Rock Stars, "Push Your Luck" captures the feeling of trying to overcome the lasting repercussions of pushing your luck a little too far.

The video for "Push Your Luck" just dropped. Watch it here