COMMANDO - Diet Soda

COMMANDO's new single "Diet Soda" is out now on Kill Rock Stars! The lyrics for "Diet Soda" were written following conversations Juba Kalamka had with Lynnee Breedlove around issues of aging as punk and hip-hop musicians in a context where dialogues on long term queer and/or POC health imperatives are often waylaid by simple day-to-day survival concerns.
Juba was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 2011 after exhibiting symptoms that overlapped his other chronic health conditions. As an invisibly disabled person he thought it would be cool to contextualize some of the dark humor of his elder family members around this common condition (referred to as “The Sugar” or “The ‘Bētēs” in African American Vernacular English [AAVE]) in a cheeky ‘rage against the dying light’. The song also represents a confrontation of the very real fears of his future and seemingly inevitable consequences of the disease despite the harm reduction measures he is engaging in the present.

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