COMMANDO - Prince - new video

Using tools from the last three decades of rock, metal, punk, hardcore, hip hop, and popular music, COMMANDO’s self-titled debut is vibrant, referential, innovative, and urgent. 

The official music video for their album track “Prince” is shared post-record release. It’s a chronicle of queer and interracial relationships documenting how the significance of Prince defies the barriers. 

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Lynnee Breedlove, the video’s main character and the song’s vocalist, says,

""Prince" is about if you do it right, your art will get filtered through the lens of each individual that sees it or hears it and connects people across multiple cultures and then we bond to everyone experiencing the soundtrack to our lives even though each of us is applying it to our particulars. It’s about race gender sexuality or deciding if you’re gonna live because you listen to a song. It's about Prince saves. And it’s about grief regret being in the moment so hard you don’t know how crucial this moment is and it feels so natural like you deserve it and then one day you realize that was the coolest thing that ever happened. And you don’t deserve shit you just got grace. You lucked out. You take shit for granted and you‘re speeding by so fast and who even are you if you don’t honor your ancestors and your friends and the ones you’ve never even met who get inside your car and your bed and your head are becoming ancestors everyday. So what kinda ancestor do you wanna be?"