Desert Mambas - ...But It's A Dry Heat - EP Out

OUT NOW - Desert Mambas…But It’s a Dry Heat + the official video for their new single "Dry Heat"!  
But It’s a Dry Heat is the four-song debut of Desert Mambas (Bailey MosesFoxx Bodies), freewheeling hits that move through your heart like an endless summer breeze, Desert Mambas soothes the weariest of souls and the stoutest of spirits. These are songs not just of working through the trepidation and thrill of Moses’s own transness, but also of a reconciliation of the past, love letters to an Arizona home that the singer has left behind, craving love despite knowing it comes with sharp teeth and dealing with transphobia in a Home Depot.
EP artwork by Ally Millard


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"'Dry Heat' is a little lullaby written for my home state of Arizona. The summers there are too hot to exist. Everyone stays inside during the day and crawls out of their lizard holes to party at night. The song reminds me of biking around to different bars in Tucson. Drinking beers in the red leather booths of Danny's Baboquivari with sweaty legs that stick to your seat. Like a scene from Twin Peaks but everyone is in homemade cut off jean shorts and a little bit dusty."
Bailey Moses


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