Elliott Fullam - End Of Ways - Album Out

Fullam demonstrates an unparalleled mastery of musical storytelling, weaving together intricate melodies, ethereal harmonies, and experimental textures. The result is a mesmerizing symphony that transcends genres and defies conventions, inviting the audience to explore uncharted realms of sound.
Illustrate Magazine

"…longing lyrics, a gentle, melancholy acoustic sound and whispery delivery evocative of his namesake, the late icon Elliott Smith."
Sweety High

"...he gives a voice to the misplaced, the misfit and the maverick. As a member of Generation Z, his music demonstrates the maturity and resilience of our generation, a sentiment that reflects our desire to be truly seen."
The Fordham Observer

"...like Nick Drake and Elliott Smith, the guitarwork remains steady and grounded, acting as a counterweight to the increasingly disheartened lyrics."
Big Takeover Magazine

"End of Ways is a uniquely challenging and intimate record... the album sees Fullam continuing to grow as an artist, with a cohesive and precise set of songs that see him delving into the depths of tragedy. A remarkably mature statement from this burgeoning voice in contemporary indie folk."
Broadway World


Elliott’s sophomore full-length End of Ways is a blend of home recordings as well as studio recordings which bring some extra depth within the songs to suit their somber settings in the tracks "Throw It Away", "Forget", and "Better Way". But the record still retains its stripped down, lo-fi vibe in songs like "Let’s Go Somewhere" and "Remember When" with their clear Elliott Smith and Nick Drake influences in both the acoustic guitar lines and quiet vocals. The addition of young pianist Jeremy Bennett also beautifully adds candle-light melody throughout the album with his haunting notes in the opening song "Mistake" and his Tim Burton-meets-Vince Guaraldi style in the album’s escapist-themed title track "End of Ways" along with the dramatic climax to "Timeless Tears" and the album closer, "Over the Moon" which is Elliott’s profession of love to his present companion who he saved from her former home.

Elliott Fullam is slightly less timid this time around as he leads his journey on this record from loss, isolation and hopelessness to partnership, hope, freedom, and love. This is an indie/slowcore/acoustic album for fellow fans of Mazzy StarRadiohead, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Big ThiefCrumb, and Alex G that explores childhood, dissociation, heartbreak and ultimately, survival.

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