Five Fingers Of Funk - We Were Big In The Nineties Single + Video - ALBUM ANNOUNCE

'We Were Big In The Nineties' was how the Portland Say It Again album project got started. In early 2020 I was Covid-isolated in Upstate New York with no phone or internet. Two things I did have were a mobile recording rig and a 12 TB archive hard drive filled with decades of recordings. The guts of this song are from an improvised freestyle we recorded live at Berbati’s Pan in Portland the last night they were open (New Year’s Eve, 2010). A little editing, some new lyrics, and some additional horn parts by Curt, Ted and Josh and, boom, the first new Five Fingers song in decades! I sent it around to the guys (now spread out all over the country) and proposed we take advantage of the social isolation requirement to do a new album. Everyone was down. Thus began a period of 40-minute walks to Conkling Hall in “downtown” Rensselaerville where I had access to Wi-Fi and, therefore, audio files that I would send and receive to and from the fellas.
Shout out to Keith Goldxilla Golden on bass and Brent Martens on guitar on this song. Keith played the three hour Berbati’s show with one rehearsal and a perilous blizzard-threatened travel day. It didn’t make the final recording but, after Talbott kicked off the beat, Chill looked at Keith and said 'I swear to God, do what you like. They gonna fall in.' Keith was initiated into the chaos and ethos of Five Fingers Of Funk where the only guidelines are to embrace the pocket and be your funkiest self.
-Pete Miser

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