Foxx Bodies release new single + video - "Room"

The fourth single from Foxx Bodies' upcoming album, Vixen, is out now. It's accompanied by a music video. 

"Room" - watch + listen + pre-order the album

“This song is about being queer, which has a different definition for everyone. There is no specific person or type of person this is for except maybe just anyone who has, at one point, felt like they might be ridiculed for being who they are. The focus on a room comes from my bedroom, the idea of ‘a room of one’s own’, or any safe space. Finding a safe space is the happy ending to the song and to my personal experience as a queer person."

The video was thought up by lead singer Bella Vanek and her partner Lucille Petty while in lockdown. The video expands on the way the song toys with the fluidity of masculinity, femininity, and everything in between. This video is a reminder that binary thinking can create a war within us.