Foxx Bodies sign to KRS + share Sleater-Kinney cover

Foxx Bodies is Bailey Moses, Adam Bucholz, Matt Vanek and Bella Vanek. The band formed in Tucson, Arizona when Bella asked for music to scream over and the other three provided just that. What once was considered an accidental formation is now a full-fledged band whose second album will be released on Kill Rock Stars. The album's first single is just a couple weeks away and you can pre-save it here. More news on the record will soon be revealed. 

Foxx Bodies says, "Sleater-Kinney has been one of our band’s most significant influences. “One More Hour” in particular holds a special place in our band's history –– as Bella and Bailey have experienced their own parallel Corin and Carrie breakup. Having the opportunity to cover one of our favorite songs AND have it released on one of our favorite labels has been a dream come true for all four of us.”

Listen to the track wherever you listen to music + watch the video.