Foxx Bodies - Vixen - album out!

Foxx Bodies = vocalist Bella Vanek, guitarist Bailey Moses, bassist Matt Vanek, and drummer Adam Bucholz. 

Vixen is their bold new album, 13 tracks recorded and produced in Seattle by John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill) and mixed by Erik Blood, months before the pandemic was in full swing. The album is, in so many ways, a story about coming to terms with yourself. Foxx Bodies’ music has always been about the combat of survival, which singer Bella Vanek has never been shy about. She can be found just about anywhere sharing her own struggles with mental illness, eating disorders, sexual abuse, or...really whatever most people are afraid to say out loud.

Out everywhere - listen + order CD / vinyl

1. Bad Kid
2. Victim One
3. Wind
4. BPD
5. Car Talk
6. Room

7. Runaway
8. Breakfast
9. Monsoon Surf Club
10. Anamia
11. Hospital
12. Vixen
13. Anthem