Glitterfox - "Portland"!

Glitterfox once again showcases their knack for infectious hooks and heartfelt storytelling with an indie-rock edge in the form of the official music video for their new single “Portland.”

Back in 2015 Solange and I had finally built up the courage to pursue this music thing as our sole career. But we had no idea how to be musicians and also make enough money to pay all of our bills. The only solution we could think of was to move out of our apartment and into a van and just hit the road, picking up gigs and busking and figuring it out as we went along the best we could.

I wrote Portland back in those van days as a way to address some of those challenges we were facing living on the road because things were really, really hard. And I think also as a way to remind myself why we set out on that path in the first place. I had tried the normal career thing with the 401k and PTO and after four years of that I was so depressed I could barely function. The musician’s life is the only thing I’ve ever been able to put my entire heart into year after year and continue to only want more of it.

It was a real treat to have two of my musical idols; Peter Buck from R.E.M. and Jenny Conlee from the Decemberists perform on this track with us! If only I could tell Solange and me back then when the roof was leaking and the van was falling apart and we could barely keep going, “hey, someday you’re going to record this song and your idols are going to perform on it.” But then that’s the magical thing about life, I guess. All the surprises are down the road and you just have to keep going until you get there.

-Andrea Walker