Gravy Train!!!! - Hello Doctor + Ghost Boobs - Reissue Out

Gravy Train!!!!’s Hello Doctor LP + Ghost Boobs EP bonus 7" (20TH ANNIVERSARY Deluxe Reissues) OUT NOW on KRS!

In the most exciting musical event of 2023, Oakland punk pranksters Gravy Train!!!! re-issue their debut LP Hello Doctor on its 20th anniversary. Lumped in with the electroclash genre of the early aughts, Gravy Train!!!’s music draws from so much more, collecting in a delicious puddle of theatrical new wave, vintage bubble-glam, chipmunk punk, and organ-driven surf rock over dimestore beats that NEVER quit. From band origin story “Hella Nervous” to queer anthem “You Made Me Gay” to the ONLY ode to fast food and motherhood “Burger Baby”, the hits are all here, and they sound shockingly fresh to this day. The band’s wild, hilarious, and totally unique style is the work of singer/lyricist Chunx, keyboardist Funx, and singer/keyboardist Hunx (also featured: former dancer Drunx, later replaced by Junx). Known for their exhilarating live shows chock full of stunts and shenanigans, Gravy Train!!!!’s magic is also captured on this LP, placing them squarely in rockherstory somewhere between riot grrrl, the B52’s, LaBouche, and Jingle Cats. But Pitchfork said it best when they gave Hello Doctor a legendary 2.9 rating, calling it “kinda funny”, “certainly not great music” with a “weird innocence.” If that’s not iconic, NOTHING is!!!

Hello Doctor + Are You Wigglin? available on all streaming platforms for the first time ever!


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