Grrrl Gang - Spunky! - Album Out

"The first full-length from fêted Indonesian indie pop band Grrrl Gang is a sparkly pop-punk confection tempered with biting dry humor."

"...the band completely indulge in the gritty realm, coming into the darkened territory where you’d expect acts influenced by Sonic Youth to party together."
- Austin Town Hall

"...masters of the melodic pop song with a punk edge."
If It's Too Loud

"...the Indonesian trio burst to life with driving rhythms and enough attitude to sustain a small aircraft."
-  Consequence

"...with their spiky, punk-ish guitars, slacker, disaffected vocals and hooky, insistent melodies, file them somewhere between the twinkling pop of The Vaselines and the prickly attitude of Bikini Kill.


"Spunky! is relentless and fast paced, full of this unhinged punk spirit that grabs hold of the listener immediately." 
MELODIC Magazine


"Sentana and company blend a raging emotional feel with a subdued vocal coolness, truly a rock elixir we can joyfully sip on."
Glide Magazine


"The Indonesian indie-punks have a knack for that both lyrically and, er, guitaristically…"
Guitar World

"Grrrl Gang has made a name for themselves with their infectious melodies, anthemic songs, and electrifying live performances."
Under The Radar

"Grrrl Gang are officially the coolest band on the planet right now."


Spunky! is officially out on Green Island Music (IND), Trapped Animal Records (UK), Big Romantic Records (JP/THAI) and of course Kill Rock Stars (US)! Along with their album Grrrl Gang shares another all-out-banger in the form of their new single + video - "Cool Girl"!

Grrrl Gang's music is a celebration of their collective roots and a testament to the power of pop music to connect people across cultures and borders. Their lyrics touch on themes such as feminism, mental health, and love relationships with a raw honesty that speaks to a generation of young listeners. With their infectious energy, socially conscious lyrics, and unique sound, Grrrl Gang is poised to take the global music scene by storm and become a voice for a new generation.

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