Johanna Samuels - Single File - Elliott Smith cover

The sixth single of our 30th Anniversary Covers Series is a cover of Elliott Smith’s “Single File” by Johanna Samuels. This track first appeared on Elliott Smith’s 1995 self-titled album, the first he released on Kill Rock Stars. 2020 celebrated the 25th anniversary of this eponymous record.

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Acoustic guitar, bass, twinkle piano, synth, percussion - Adam Brisbin
Electric guitar - Phil Krohnengold
Vocals, piano - Johanna Samuels
Produced and mixed by Adam Brisbin


Johanna Samuels is a Los Angeles and New York based singer-songwriter, who is constantly broadening the definition of pop music with her unique bell-like voice, singing about the depths and dualities of life. 

Johanna’s album, Excelsior!, is out May 14th on Mamabird Recording Co in the USA and Basin Rock in the UK. Her recent song "Nature's Way" was featured on NPR's All Songs Considered. Today, March 11th, Johanna is announcing "Abolition 2021" - an online festival held throughout April organized by Abolition Apostles, Johanna, and Jolie Holland to raise funds for a new hospitality house near the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. The house offers free lodging to the families of incarcerated people at Angola and other nearby prisons and will serve as a hub for activists, journalists, and lawyers visiting one of America's most notorious penitentiaries. The benefit features artists such as Brandi Carlisle, Nathaniel Ratliff, Lonnie Holley, Adrienne Lenker and Buck Meek of Big Thief, Sam Amidon, Courtney Marie Andrews, Madison Cunningham and over 70 others! Tickets are here.