Layng Martine Jr - Let The World Go By Single & Video

The occasion is Music Man, the wonderful new album by veteran Nashville-based songwriter Layng Martine Jr.. A long-time dream project instigated by his son,  Portland Oregon-based super-producer Tucker Martine. Out in collaboration between Kill Rock Stars and Bloodshot Records.

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Layng says, "LET THE WORLD GO BY written 1964, recorded by me in 1966 but never released. Later was title of folk singer Glenn Yarbrough album in 1969. Recorded 2006 by Axton Kinkead and in 2016 by folk singer Karl Blau. On this new cut Karl Blau plays lead electric guitar. Also written before I owned a guitar, when I was still just making up melodies "in the air". Wrote it at night walking around our Connecticut neighborhood while in college. Probably wishing I had a girlfriend."

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