Lindsay Lou - Queen of Time - Album Out

"...the elements that most define her music remain deeply personal; her lustrous vocals and resonant storytelling are the most prominent throughlines to her work. That confessional and spiritual element remains on her forthcoming record, Queen of Time..." 
Under The Radar

"Queen of Time contains a carefully curated collection of songs matched to Lou’s clear, powerful voice."
-  No Depression

"Queen of Time is the result of a deeply personal spiritual journey that unfolds across eleven tracks of tender, heartbreakingly beautiful music."

"Roots singer-songwriter Lindsay Lou is entering yet another new era of her career..."
The Bluegrass Situation

"’70s soft rock edge that calls to mind Fleetwood Mac in the airy chorus vocal and interspersed guitar licks."
Guitar World

"Queen of Time is a particularly intimate album that finds Lou diving deep into herself and her emotions, exploring her spiritual being in depth."


Nashville artist Lindsay Lou’s captivating vocals are capable of untold multitudes: a molasses-sweet instrument equally capable of clarion ache, slicing deep into the soul. The daughter of a literal coal-miner and millwright, and the granddaughter of a teacher gone Rainbow Gathering healer, Lou honed her honest and resonant style with her bluegrass-inspired band, Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys, and Michigan supergroup, Sweet Water Warblers (Rachael DavisMay Erlewine), excavating elements of bluegrass, folk, Americana, and soulful pop for their emotional depths. Whether bathing in the radiant sunset of Tennessee or digging into the rich loam of her midwest upbringing, Lou has an innate ability to bring an immediacy to both affairs of the heart and philosophical thought. On her new album Queen of Time, Lou captures a new arc of haloed beauty, becoming unattainable in her own way—a vibrant, powerful woman who can share herself with the world, and yet define a mystic sense of inner self as well.

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