Little Mazarn - Werewolf - Jad and David Fair Cover

Werewolf” is the third single of the series, following a cover of Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” by Mike Watt + The Black Gang. 

Full credits:

Little Mazarn with special guests Jad Fair, Thor Harris, and Craig Ross

Carolina Chauffe: vocals

Jad Fair: guitar

Thor Harris: marimba, bells, clarinet

Jeff Johnston: saw

Craig Ross: bass and synth and mixing 

Lindsey Verrill: vocals

Little Mazarn states, ​“I met Jad and David Fair at a youngish impressionable age. I think they were some of the first artists/musicians I met that I thought wow, this is exactly what I want to be when I grow up. My regard for them has only skyrocketed to the stratosphere since then and although the KRS catalog is the stuff of dreams, I could think of nothing better than paying tribute to two of my favorite artistic people.”

“Werewolf” originally appeared on the 1998 Kill Rock Stars release 26 Monster Songs For Children A-Z​ ​by Jad and David Fair (KRS292).