Logan Lynn & Bitch - Standing In the Way of Control - Gossip cover

Logan Lynn & Bitch cover Gossip - "Standing In the Way of Control"

Part Pride Month celebration, part signing announcement, part continuation of our 30th anniversary covers series.

It's accompanied by a music video reminiscent of its original.
Artwork and Video Direction by Rómulo Cerdán
Animation and Editing by Angello Vivar a.k.a GADYOLA
Track produced by Gino Mari

Logan Lynn has joined the label. Bitch is back! Be expecting news on upcoming albums from both artists..

“Standing In the Way of Control” originally appeared on Gossip’s album of the same name. The track gained popularity from the third season of The L Word and Soulwax’s remix becoming a theme song for the television drama Skins. Beth Ditto wrote the song partially in response to the US government's stance on same-sex marriage during George W. Bush's presidency. The song is just as relevant over a decade later.