Logan Lynn covers Elliott Smith "Baby Britain"

Logan Lynn shares his version of Elliott Smith's "Baby Britain", accompanied by a stop-motion music video made by Clyde Petersen. His forthcoming record, New Money, is out January 21. 

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Logan explains, “This song has always meant a lot to me, as does the man who wrote it. Elliott’s pop sensibility is unmatched, as far as I'm concerned – but that’s often not what people hear first when they listen to his songs. Gino and I tried to bring that out in this cover, and my hope is always just that more people will discover Elliott Smith records and celebrate his life, his work, and everything he has inspired. This cover is a love letter.” Partnering with filmmaker Clyde Petersen and animator/puppetmaster Chris Looney for the creation of the accompanying video, it takes audiences on an animated journey into gay bar iconography and a celebration of all those places where LGBTQ+ people used to find each other, back before there were so many ways to do so online today.