Lucy Lowis covers Elliott Smith + Elliott Smith pink vinyl exclusives

Inspired by the ever-changing seasons of life, 17-year-old songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lucy Lowis crafts a sound that floats into the existential clouds of self-reflection and hope. She joins the 30th anniversary collection: “Say Yes” / “No Name #1” - Elliott Smith cover single package. “No Name #1” originally appeared on Roman Candle. “Say Yes” originally appeared as the 12th and final track of Elliott Smith’s 1997 album, Either/Or.

Listen to the tracks

To coincide with these two cover tracks, both Roman Candle and Either/Or have been pressed on KRS30YRS pink vinyl - limited to 91 copies for our founding year of 1991. Pink has always been the label's color, whether or not it's been commonly known, and the pink vinyl collection is a way for us to expand our anniversary celebrations to both albums new and old. These will go quickly. Build yer collections! 

Roman Candle + Either/Or