MAITA covers Nirvana - "Dumb"

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This is the second cover released this year from Portland, Oregon based MAITA. Their cover of “Bag of Hammers” by Thao & the Get Down Stay Down was released in April as part of Kill Rock Stars 30th anniversary covers series. Expect to hear more from MAITA in 2021.

“Dumb” originally appeared on Nirvana’s 1993 album, In Utero.

Maria of MAITA states, “I’ve always loved “Dumb”. The lyrics are so simple and yet whip-smart, and the song has so much restraint in it. We of course took that as an opportunity to bust the song open halfway through and run with it, which feels a bit like an homage to what Nirvana first offered me in my early days as a music listener: permission for unadulterated release.”


Engineered by Matthew Zeltzer + Nevada Sowle
Produced by Maria Maita-Keppeler + Matthew Zeltzer
Mixed by Matt Thomson
Maria Maita Keppeler - Vocals, guitar, viola
Matthew Zeltzer - guitar
Nevada Sowle - bass
Cooper Trail - drums