MAITA - Pastel Concrete

MAITA release their latest single, "Pastel Concrete".

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Crashing percussion and guitars pushing and pulling. "I can't afford your love" and the song comes to a halt.
A little over a year since their debut record, Best Wishes, came out on Kill Rock Stars, and following "Road Song", Portland, Oregon-based MAITA shares a new track, “Pastel Concrete”. The quartet have released two covers in 2021 - “Bag of Hammers”, originally by Thao & the Get Down Stay Down for the label’s 30th anniversary covers series, and a cover of Nirvana’s “Dumb”. MAITA’s back with original songs and this is the second look.
Maria of MAITA states: "Pastel Concrete was written at a time when I had a job that periodically sent me to Santa Monica, a place that felt more foreign to me than any other. The outdoor mall, the kitschy boardwalk, the actors and artists I worked with who seemed so different from me and yet so understood the struggle of trying to get paid, and the infamous mythology of LA—I found it all uncomfortable and fascinating."