Mi'ens - Future Child - OUT NOW

Mi'ens' Kill Rock Stars debut album, Future Child, IS OUT TODAY.

If you feel like sticking it to 2020, this is the perfect record.

The release day focus track is 'Charge Dodger' and the music video just dropped!

Here, things get weird and fuzzed-out. It's a ride through a post-pandemic urban core, with a dig at slaves to consumerism and a subplot of alien abduction, all to the beat of backwards drums. Simmering undercurrents build to the frantically abrasive buzz-saw finale, with punctuated and visceral beats, jagged, discordant guitar lines and experimental noisy Moog. Layers crescendo to an explosive, climax of feedback, screeches and sonic aggression, with icy vocals floating upwards as they drift to space.

Alright we’ve come this far/

Let’s take off get in your car/

See the planets near and far/

Blast off to a future star.

Mi'ens is math rock. Noise rock. Experimental. Sparkelpop - with Kim Glennie on guitar/loops/Moog and Evan Heggen with the polyrhythmic blastbeats on drums. The world they created with Future Child is dynamic, textural, powerful, and a canvas for swirling vocals and expressive instrumentals. Now this is all yours.

Future Child: Stream on your favorite platform, get the LP. 

Check out Mi'ens Takeover on YouTube - visual content curated by Mi'ens, with their influences, old and new, deep cuts... it's a cohesive story and musical timeline. Their music videos are interspersed and you'll also find BjörkPublic Enemy, Marnie SternStereolab, DeerhoofKim Gordon, and many more. 

Watch now.