Mya Byrne shares Pride Month single

From San Francisco by way of New York, Mya Byrne is a smooth, smoky-voiced Americana singer-songwriter. Mya is proudly out and queer, a leader for the presence of trans women in music.

Today, Kill Rock Stars is proud to release Mya's latest single, "Where the Lavender Grows". This song is the stepping stone to Pride Month, a month to lift up LGBTQ+ voices. Kill Rock Stars has a month full of special events and it's an honor to share this song now in anticipation.

Listen to the track anywhere you listen to music

On the single, Mya states, "Sometimes it takes a long time for queer folks to find themselves, and throughout history, due to personal or structural oppression, we can’t always come out—we all have to find our way to that place at different times. Yet there are always folks who will be there for us, who will hold us when we get there, our ancestors and elders along the way guiding us to that garden where we can be free. This song is about letting queer folks who might not be ready know that there is a place for them at the end of the road where everything is in bloom and all of us are waiting with open arms and hearts."