Mya Byrne - Come On - Single & Video

"You could call 'Come On' the 'I Will Survive' of early 2023...Pure punk in its mix of righteousness and arrogance, "Come On" takes its place as an anthem with a swagger of the hips. Rarely does a song meet its moment so well.” – NPR Music

It is the boldest of boots that itch to be stomped, possessed of an insatiable desire to kick the dust so loud it lifts into the heavens. On “Come On”, the 3rd single from Mya Byrne’s Kill Rock Stars Nashville debut Rhinestone Tomboy, the flair and panache of country and twang give in to the freedom of a psychedelic ball of rolling thunder. Drums roll and tumble with a propulsive beat, driving guitars drenched in fuzz and fire through to fabulous frenzy. Legs will tremble without a thought, hair shaking in time with bodies moving to the fleeting fury of a lust for the freedom of desires that refuse to find themselves ignored for a moment longer.

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