Mya Byrne - Lend You A Hand

On the latest single from Rhinestone Tomboy, “Lend You A Hand”, Mya Byrne is here once more to remind us of the strength inherent in the kind of love that imbues the soul with the fortitude to stand on shaky legs. A ballad that opens with strings strummed with the ease of a careful and steadfast hand, one that knows just how hard to hold on, just how long to help you along the rhythm of a path until we find the strength to walk our own. Byrne’s singular talent for evocative imagery in the realm of her songs thrives in these moments, speaking so closely to the heart that if your eyes were to find themselves closed you would be forgiven when your hand reflexively reaches out to find the offer in her steady voice.

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Rhinestone Tomboy - out April 28th on KRS!