New signing announcement - COMMANDO + single and video

Introducing COMMANDO - queer super-group added to the KRS roster and their debut record is coming your way. 

COMMANDO was created as an act of revisionist history: how would the world have been different if that specific cultural moment in the late 1990s that birthed nü metal and its then-ubiquitous musical toolbox had been used to dismantle homophobia, misogyny, racism/white supremacy and heteropatriarchy rather than reinforce them? The self-titled debut album is out March 4th. It uses tools from the last three decades of rock, metal, punk, hardcore, hip hop, and popular music, delivered in five suites with each quarterbacked by a different vocalist.

Lead single and album opener “Hotel Essex” is released today alongside an official video. An homage to the lifework of Black gay poet, essayist and activist Essex Hemphill (1957-1995) and featuring the legendary Blackberri who passed away last month, “Hotel Essex” is an interpolation of Hemphill’s poem Now We Think. It revisits still-resonating conversations on the intersections of the HIV/AIDS crisis, sexuality, identity, homophobia, anti-Blackness and racism/white supremacy in the lives of Black queer men through the perverse and anachronistic lens of nü metal. 

Loaded with energy, catch the single and video here


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