Old Unconscious - Anonymous Face - Quix*o*tic cover

Don’t confuse Quix*o*tic with Quixotic. You’ll find electronica music under one and gothic doo wop R&B under the other. In 2002, Kill Rock Stars released the gothic doo wop R&B band’s album, Mortal Mirror (KRS381). Quix*o*tic was a three-piece from Washington D.C. with Christina Billotte on guitar and vocals, Mira Billotte on drums and vocals, Brendan Majewski on bass and vocals until he left in 2001 and was replaced by Mick Barr. “Anonymous Face” originally appeared as the second track on Mortal Mirror. The track gets an instrumental rendition as Old Unconscious swap out vocals for trumpet and sax, satisfying every doo wop craving. This cover is in continuation of our 30th anniversary covers series. 

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