ONETWOTHREEs - album out now digitally!

ONETWOTHREEs album out now - LPs / CDs are coming Nov 5!

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Punk rock exploded out of the US and UK but also touched other places around the globe, including the seemingly benign country of Switzerland. It was there that bands like Kleenex (later LiLiPUT) emerged. Now flash forward, cross paths with bands like Noknows and TNT along the way, and we have a trio-full of sinuous music which reclaims the minimalist sound of the post-punk that they first created themselves. Klaudia Schifferle (Kleenex/LiLiPUT) + Madlaina Peer (Noknows) + Sara Schaer (TNT) = ONETWOTHREEs.

The group is appropriately DIY, self-contained and self-produced - their debut (which sports their name but is actually untitled) was written and played almost entirely by themselves. We hear them sing of illusions, guidelines, decorations, paradise, rabbits, animation and tits and that's just the first two songs of the 11 song, 35 minute album, recorded in the spring of this year.

Photo by Jozo Palkovits.