Ron Gallo's new apocalyptic dance-punk "AT LEAST I'M DANCING" single and video is out now! This is the latest single from Ron Gallo's forthcoming studio album, FOREGROUND MUSIC, out 3/3/23 on KRS!

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"This is an apocalyptic dance song. I’m always on the line between seeing the humor in everything and existential dread. I feel like I finally made the song that is most myself in terms of blending those two things. Apathy seems like an easier route sometimes but I’m much more afraid of what happens when no one gives a shit about anything anymore. The world is gonna be what we make it. I hope one day rooms of tens or hundreds or even thousands of people will dance like absolute psychos while I address the end of the world and various issues we face as a society and a species. That is me in one scenario." - Ron Gallo

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