Kill Rock Stars is excited to share Ron Gallo's new single + video for "YUCCA VALLEY MARSHALLS"!  This is the latest single off Ron Gallo's forthcoming album FOREGROUND MUSIC and possibly the only song to namecheck both Emma Stone & Marshalls.

"This song retells a solo trip I took to the west coast some years ago.  2 weeks roaming around Los Angeles by myself with no plan and not knowing anyone.  LA is the loneliest place on the planet if you are an outsider and it became apparent pretty quick.  I took that feeling with me on a day trip to Joshua Tree and ended up stopping at the Yucca Valley Marshalls. There’s something really sad and hilarious about seeing a glowing Marshalls sign in the middle of the desert but since chain stores are all the same inside, I took it as an opportunity for some familiarity which is much more a gauge of how low I was feeling than a case for the benefit of corporate department stores.  But you gotta do what you gotta do.”- Ron Gallo

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