Ruth Radelet of Chromatics covers Elliott Smith

Ruth Radelet is a singer, songwriter, and musician with diverse influences ranging from Joni Mitchell to Frank Ocean. She grew up singing and playing the guitar and has been performing and releasing music professionally for over a decade. Best known as the frontwoman of Chromatics, she is now pursuing a solo career following the band’s breakup in August 2021.

As her first solo release, she covers Elliott Smith's "Twilight".

Photo by Robin Laananen


Twilight” originally appeared on Elliott Smith’s posthumous and final album, From a Basement on the Hill. In tandem with Ruth’s cover, Kill Rock Stars is releasing 91 (in honor of the label’s founding year of 1991) hand-numbered limited edition pink vinyl copies of the record, available here

The Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars) digital cover series subscription is $30, which includes all 60+ tracks released. 2021 is nearly wrapped up, which concludes the anniversary series, but tracks will be shared until New Year’s Eve. Purchase it here.