Ryan Sollee - Fire/Sign - Gossip cover

Ryan Sollee of The Builders And The Butchers is a singer/songwriter from Anchorage, Alaska now residing in Portland, Oregon. The Builders And The Butchers are a folk-rock band and on this track, Sollee embarks on his own to bring folk/alt-country flair to Gossip’s track “Fire/Sign”.

Fire/Sign” originally appeared on Gossip’s 2003 album, Movement (KRS391). This was their second album, following 2001’s That’s Not What I Heard. Gossip released three studio albums on Kill Rock Stars.

Ryan Sollee states: "I absolutely fell in love with the Gossip after seeing them play for the first time at the Old Fire House in Redmond, Washington. During that show, Beth Ditto actually went out in the crowd with the mic and I got to sing with her for 5 seconds, which is still a highlight of my life. Fire/Sign is my favorite song from my favorite Gossip album called Movement. I feel like Beth is digging the deepest for the notes on this song and it just simply fucking rules!"

Guitar/vocals: Ryan Sollee
Drums, Bass, Percussion: Willy Kunkle Engineered & Mixed: Willy Kunkle Mastering: Ray Rude
Original performance: Gossip

Listen to the track.