Santa Chiara - Imported - Album Out

"…infectious and full of joy, and is an absolute must listen."
If It's Too Loud

"...experimental garage-pop recalling the early-’10s output of groups like Vivian Girls and Dum Dum Girls."
FLOOD Magazine 

 "…channels a west coast sunny vibe a la Best Coast and merges it with the cultural backdrop of her hometown in Italia."

"...a radiant indie rock dream..."
Atwood Magazine


Santa Chiara’s IMPORTED tells the story of their transatlantic romance and everything that followed: Leaving her home country and immigrating to the United States at 25, building a first home together with Ron Gallo in Nashville, and ultimately leaving that home for a new one in Philadelphia, where the couple now resides.

While IMPORTED is very much a product of D’Anzieri’s own personal experiences, its emotions are universal. Her songs of love and leaving home, of coming to a new place and planting new roots, of feeling like a stranger in a strange land, transcend the moment: And as she navigates the hurdles before her, her songs echo timeless questions about purpose and place; of human existence and the meaning of life itself.

"25’ was a successful experiment, the first song written in English. Written and recorded in our first house, the og Nashville house. A love story with endless question marks told in a light-hearted way. The questions I asked myself as I wrote 25 were completely legitimate: Will I be able to go through the immigration process in the United States in the name of this relationship? Who can say how long forever lasts? Changing my life in such a drastic way and going so far from my country was and is an adventure that deserves a light and sparkling sound world to dilute how heavy a concept it is. The same thing goes for the video, shot in Marina di Ravenna in one of my favorite places – the Hana Bi – video written and directed by me and my husband, Ron Gallo. Inspired by my love of Wes Anderson."
Santa Chiara 

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